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    You’ve Launched Your Online Magazine. What’s Next?

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    Launching your online publication is an exciting time! But with that excitement comes lots of questions and decisions – especially after you’ve launched. These include questions like how to grow your audience or how to monetize a magazine like your own? Also, what types of tools are available to analyze the performance of your digital edition and website?

    How to monetize your online magazine

    You may think that after you’ve created your digital edition that your audience will naturally grow, however, that’s not really the case.

    Unfortunately, in the real world, there are no launch date fireworks or a line of readers waiting for your first issue, however, it is possible to grow your audience over time and create this need.

    At Flip180 Media, we have faced this change with our clients quite a few times. Over the years, we have garnered key learnings that make a difference with your site’s performance.

    First, you have to be patient and gather data. Based on the data, you’ll want to optimize your digital edition and repeat this process until you get the results you want.

    Sounds simple, right? It can be a lot of work, but it’s very efficient and exciting — if you have the right tools. Let’s take a look at some tools and methods that will deliver best results.

    What is a High-Performance Website?

    A high-performance website is a highly optimized system that helps you attract traffic, recognize and group visitors, and encourage them to take the right actions. It’s the core of every online marketing strategy and it’s a must-have tool for publishers.

    What sets a high performance website apart from other websites is its ability to drive your audience through the funnel and improve your website’s returns. With today’s competitive marketplace, it’s necessary for your digital edition to have a high performance website.

    In order to analyze and optimize your website and ensure it is performing efficiently, you’ll want to utilize tools. Some of the tools we recommend for analyzing and optimizing your high performance website are analytic tools and heatmaps.

    Not only do analytics provide deep insights, they are also valuable in showing which pages users visit most, and why. But without on-page click intelligence, we miss out on a more complete understanding of how users engage with those pages.

    Heatmaps can give you that intel on the click. Heatmaps are a great snapshot of what types of content your audience is attracted to. They also show how they respond to each part of the page, like calls to action, images, and links on the page.

    Great heat mapping tools can enable you to see how different types of users are engaging with your content and track things like where they’ve clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, and more.

    Assessing your Digital Edition Analytics

    Digital edition analytics provides powerful insights in a simple and easy to understand manner. While there are many web analytic platforms, many of them are clunky to use with turn-page or long-scroll layouts. That’s why we have come up with our own platform. It provides powerful insights in a simple and easy to understand manner, to help you optimize and grow your publication.

    FlipStats was created specifically for the periodical online publisher. Instead of spending hours to read through the data in order to for it to make sense, you’ll get clear insights that drive smart business actions. With FlipStats, you’ll grow your business over time and build the important relationship with affiliates and advertisers, craft better content, and watch your digital publication grow.

    Plus, FlipStats seamlessly integrates with Classic Digital Edition, Modern Digital Edition, and Magazine Portal publishing solutions, so you’ll have no probably understanding exactly what is going on from the moment you publish your digital edition.

    Key Metrics in Your Digital Magazine Analytics

    There are many different aspects you’ll want to analyze when it comes to optimizing your digital edition, such as:

    • Number of visitors
    • Bounce rate
    • Average reading time of edition
    • Average reading time per each article
    • Exit pages
    • New subscriptions
    • Which articles are most popular
    • And more!

    By analyzing these key insights, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that drive growth. From here, you can create content that is valuable for your reader, understand where your readers are exiting, and find out what triggers people to subscribe.

    Creating a Media Kit and Ads Brochure

    While working with publishers, we analyzed what drives advertisers to get different types of ads on digital editions and how they build their campaigns. Throughout this process, we learned that we can encourage advertisers to buy more ads by showing their potential and what they can create through a media kit or ads brochure.

    Pro tipAn enhanced media kit can explain the different types of ads that can be used within your digital edition, where they are placed, and the correct way to use them.

    Not only will you increase your ad sales, you’ll build a partnership with your advertisers. It will allow them to think outside the box and create advertisements that convert. By creating a media kit, you’ll be looked at as a valuable partner and will be able to offer your advertisers customized packages to help them grow, as your business grows, too!

    Here is how our clients can benefit from our exclusive ads brochure.

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    Grow Faster with Flip180 Media as your Partner

    After you’ve launched your digital edition, it can be confusing to figure out the next steps. By hiring Flip180 Media, we’ll help you improve and promote your website, gain fast and flexible ad analytics to optimize your website, and create specialized ad brochures, so you can experience tremendous growth in no-time.

    What sets Flip180 Media apart is that we can guide you throughout your online publishing journey. Whether you are looking to launch your digital edition, have just created your online publication, or are looking to take it to the next level. As your growth partners, everything we do revolves around getting you the results you desire.

    Using the latest cutting edge technology like digital analytics, heat maps, and expertise on the right advertising space, we’ll help take your digital publication to the next level. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.


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