Growing your publishing business is a balance game.

Find the balance of increasing your profits while keeping your audience growing and engaged.

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grow your publishing business
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Success in the periodical publishing industry is measured by two factors: audience growth and revenue. To achieve significant growth, you need to strike a balance between growing your audience and revenue. Reader audience size always affects your revenue and creates more opportunities to monetize, but choosing the wrong monetization methods — or focusing on monetization too much — can reduce your reader audience and reputation in a drastic manner. To help periodical publishers experience long-term success, Flip180 Media has created the Grow Your Publishing Business program.

Grow a publishing business with "Flip180 Grow"

Designed for the growth-focused publisher

Grow today, own tomorrow.

Are you going stagnant using what you think are tried-and-true tactics and wondering why? Are you looking for creative or more effective ways to grow your publishing business? Do you want more eyeballs and subscribers? Are you confused and frustrated by all of the monetization possibilities? Are you busy trying to find new ways to offer enhanced experiences by adding value for advertisers?

The “Flip180 Grow” Publishing Business Program is just what you need!

Growth requires consistent, determined, and robust efforts. We handle the effort, you reap the rewards! Everything we create is hyper-focused on your end goals. We’ll analyze your current process to see what’s working and what’s not, then make recommendations so that you can achieve unsurpassed growth.

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How to Succeed as a Publisher

Build a powerful digital presence by reaching out to new audiences, engaging hearts and minds, and growing your crowd. Advertisers will love it.

Be Authentic – Tap into new audiences by creating high-quality content.
Be Noteworthy – Get in front of your target audience to build your brand’s presence.
Be Valuable – Devise a plan to retain your target subscribers.
Be Engaging – Create a top-notch user experience with a beautiful, functional, and well-designed publication.
Be Competitive – Earn a competitive advantage with the right setup in place and a friendly advertising environment.
Be Flexible – Allow your readers to consumer your content everywhere and on any device.
Be Open – Look for new marketplaces and opportunities to fuel your publication’s growth.
Be Profitable – Build relationships with your advertisers.
Be Adaptable – Change is growth.
At Flip180 Media, we have the knowledge, tools, and a proven process to help fuel your publication’s growth. Our plan is broken down into manageable steps that are easy and ready to implement, so your publishing business can achieve unmatched growth.
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We help periodical publishers achieve unmatched growth.
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How we do it

Be what you want to be. Attract and engage.

Our team has the tools, ideas, and strategies to help you attract more and more readers. Find out how we work to solve your problems and propel your publication’s growth.

Strategy & insight
After learning more about your unique goals, our experienced team will create a customized strategy to achieve your specific needs and to maximize your opportunities. From the launch strategy to ongoing day-to-day management and optimization, we provide an end-to-end service designed to achieve maximum results.
Start with the website
Your website is going to be the hub for everything you do. We’ll design a highly-optimized website that not only targets your unique audience, but pulls them in and engages them as well.
Design a publication

We design professional publications that make even the most technical information easy to read and understand with the help of images, animations, drawings, videos, podcasts, or anything else you can imagine.

Periodical publications (popular, trade, and academic)
Specific publications
Magazine publications
Book publications
Driving eyeballs
We believe in increasing traffic with the right mix of digital channels and successful strategies, which are integrated as part of marketing activities. With a blend of search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media, multi-channel publishing, and guerilla marketing strategies, you’ll drive more people to your site.
With our feature-rich flipbook reader, your publication will provide a multi-device reading experience with dynamic content and rich media. With the ever-increasing number of devices widely available, your publication should be highly-responsive and able to reach your audience anywhere on whatever device they have.
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Start today!
Our digital publishing technology helps publishers increase the value of their print content, promote offers and incentives, and create a digital distribution network.
Make a move – build a relationship. Convert and retain.

At Flip180 Media, we are your growth partners. That means that everything we do revolves around getting you the results you desire.

We understand the digital landscape and have the tools to understand how readers behave to ensure that the publishers we work with build powerful connections with their audiences.

In order to grow, engage, and retain your readers, you still need a solid digital marketing strategy with engaging content, highly-optimized SEO, and social marketing, We can do that for you!

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Conversion optimized website

Create a highly optimized and conversion-oriented website that maximizes subscriber growth, adds recurring revenue, and delivers value to key advertisers.

Digital marketing

Our vast industry knowledge allows us to push and optimize your program through each stage of its development. Digital marketing is a tried and true method of increasing your reader base. Unlike marketing methods of the past, digital marketing actually draws prospective subscribers to your publication.

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Content marketing – In any marketing program, a business should have a long-term and short-term strategy. Content marketing should be a part of your ongoing long-term strategy and is an integral part of an overarching digital strategy.
Innovation and optimization – We have the leading promotional tools and innovative techniques to amplify your content and increase revenue.
Email marketing – A cost-effective solution that gives you the power to reach subscribers in a place most people visit every day — their inbox. Email also fits in perfectly with your other marketing channels, especially social media.
Retargeting – Use highly-targeted and customized ads as an easy, cost-effective way to reach audiences who have already show an interest in your publication.
Functional tools
Flip180 Media has developed effective tools to improve your publication’s visibility and enhance the reader’s experience.
Monitor and measure your visitor’s behavior so that you can optimize and improve over time. In return, you’ll generate better content and provide value to your readers, which will allow you to better engage and connect with your audience.
Do it again
Improving your business is a continuous process and we are here to support you on an ongoing basis. As your grow, we continue to support you through creative, marketing, and social campaigns, as well as through hosting and technology services.
Make the first move.
We’d love to know how we can help! Reach out to us and Vee Banionis, the founder of Flip180 Media, will follow up with you to learn more about your digital publishing goals and help you find a solution that works for you! New audiences are waiting. Let’s make your next month issue available to them.
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Maximize your profits and keep your loyal audience happy. Monetize.

Publications that attract advertisers provide high-quality content, a well-designed user experience, and a decent-sized following. Attract readers and you will attract advertisers — it’s as simple as that! Run your profitable publication according to advertisers in order to maximize your profits and monetize your publication to its fullest potential.

We help attract the kind of advertisers you’re interested in. We find the most effective channel and improve your ad strategy in order to appeal to the most desirable advertisers.

We understand and work with most popular advertising models, such as:
Conversion-based ad (CPA, affiliates)
Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
Impression-based (CPM) ads
Publication position-based advertising (inside front cover, page 1, etc.)
Exclusive sponsorships
Email marketing (email newsletter ads, sponsored email newsletter articles)

We offer ads that show on any device – Maximize advertising availability with ads that are responsive on mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.

We help you create a powerful advertising campaign – Attract advertisers with an influential advertising campaign.

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We create an advertising marketing proposal – We help you develop an advertising proposal that is specific to your publishing business and work to distribute it to your potential advertisers. Most businesses only create a media kit. Our difference is that we go above and beyond to showcase advertising possibilities in our live ad catalog.

We design a publication that advertisements will look good on – Make a great first impression with a high-quality and well-designed publication that is sure to attract advertisers.

We suggest functional capabilities for your publication – Create better advertising selling options and sell full pages of ads with either:

We improve and promote your website – Build relationships with your advertisers. Instead of just focusing on banner ads, give advertisers other, more creative ways to promote their brand through your site. We establish an online element with news, blogs, and a forum.

We help you access fast and flexible ad analytics – Real-time ad analytics help you make fact-based decisions to optimize your revenue. It keeps your advertisers happy and delivers information on how their ads are performing.

We create a seamless experience that exceeds every publisher’s expectations:
Renew and intensify your connection with your readers
Provide a seamless reading experience
Learn more about reader behavior
Consolidate interest in your publication
Inform customers directly about new releases, special editions,etc.
What people say about us
I receive emails on a regular basis that speak to the quality of the designs of our magazine. The people that we work with are always over the moon in regard to how articles appear. We are receiving more than double the amount of traffic coming through our site as a result of the redesigned e-reader. Flip180 serves as more of a partner as opposed to being just a service provider. They're always ahead of the curve in terms of digital publishing. It's more than apparent that they are educating themselves constantly on digital publishing trends. It's just great to know that they have our best interests at heart.

Abbe Miller

Editor-in-Chief at Techgen Media Group.

When I get to see the final result, I am always amazed, because it looks extremely professional, even though it is very easy to work with. I think this is a perfect example of a modern, minimalistic design which is trending now. The company is always offering up-to-date products, and this simply which shows their experience and skills in the digital publishing field. Thank you, it's always a pleasure to work with you.

Victoria A

Content writer

Flip180 has an exceptional design team. They are meticulous in their attention to detail and always meet our proposed deadlines. Aesthetically speaking, Sarunas and Vee have a great eye for graphics and always manage to incorporate stylistically-appropriate images for our quarterly magazines. The finished product is impressive! We are happy to recommend their services.

Liz Amato

Vice President of International Digital and Social Media Content for the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Flip180 Media is always on time, which allows us to make our deadlines.

Devon Johnson

Founder & CEO, BleuLife Media Group, Inc

Sounds like a lot of work? It is. Don’t have the time to learn yourself? We can help.
We’d love to know how we can help! Reach out to us and Vee Banionis, the founder of Flip180 Media, will follow up with you to learn more about your digital publishing goals and help you find a solution that works for you! No more unanswered questions. Get in touch with an expert.
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