Website designs that convert
Our UI/UX team designs fresh user interfaces for mobile apps and web products that boost conversions, reduce maintenance costs and create truly engaging user experiences.
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From competitive analysis to interactive prototypes, Flip180 designs engaging and intuitive online experiences that will wow your visitors. Our design and marketing insights help our clients to achieve quantifiable business goals and stand apart.
Website redesign
Most businesses have a website early on, but is it all it could be? Want to remove the hidden speed bumps from your marketing funnel? Take your brand to the next level. Make a bold splash with a visual-first, mobile-responsive website redesign that contours to the user device.
Manufacturing websites
You build the parts that your customers need to build America. Make every visit to your website a special brand experience with imagery and aesthetics that speak to your shared values. Guide the user’s exploration of your site to all the right top destination marketing materials that embody those values. Escort them through your work process, while capturing the lead information effortlessly.
UX/UI for companies
Every company is different. Your company’s website and app UX/UI is key to connecting the dots of what kind of company you are. Give your prospects better traction in your marketing funnel by giving your funnel steps adequate tread. Let them know they’re in the right place.
Web design
Just starting out? What better time to be introduced to Flip180 then when designing your first company website? Allow us to wireframe your new website from A to Z, building in crucial steps like dynamic SEO,  Schema capabilities and logical, measurable funnels while you still have all of your choices in front of you.
Ecommerce websites
Your new ecommerce website should connect with your prospect at a gut level. Get deep insights into which product cart system to employ and why some may prevent marketing considerations you need built-in, like better SEO-readiness, out-front UX and engaging CRM capabilities.
Magazine Websites
Flip180 has deep experience in magazine website redesigns. That means that we understand magazine readers, the ideal online magazine user experience and the publisher’s multifaceted business model. Allow us to guide you to better choices on your subscription funnel and other easy periodical revenue options.
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Optimal mobile design for our magazine publishing services website
Good creative delivers leads and sales.
Our creative professionals can create the right branding look and feel to connect with your true audience.
        • Graphic ad design
        • Landing page design
        • Email design
        • Copywriting
        • PDF downloads
        • Email capture popups
Bounce rate decrease
Compared to previous year after completing website redesign.
Session pageviews increase
Compared to previous year after completing website redesign.
We're 3 steps ahead of your competitors.

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Flip180 scouts out the technologies that will be in play a year from now, making sure you’re a prime destination for the next iteration of the Web. From rich snippets and moving design elements to voice search results, we bring you into the future version of your brand your clients will be expecting.

First, we take time to listen to you, deep-dive into your historical data, and develop a plan based on your business challenges and goals.
We take this insight to design, engineer, and build the foundation for your new website and digital marketing strategy.
Stay ahead
We take an optimizer’s approach to every step we work on, sharing the possibilities with upfront pros and cons, helping you make valuable choices.
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Frequently asked questions
What is a UI/UX redesign audit?
The audit team reviews your current UI/UI and contrasts it with model competitors to isolate functionality upgrade and style innovation areas. The audit is delivered via sketches via one or more live hyperlinks. The team lead schedules a time to go over the audit with the client (when desired) to help the client better understand the proposed design changes before approvals and/or additional change requests are made. The client is customarily given a few days of internal review to solidify their decision to approve or alternatively to ask for tweaks in the sketches. Once approved, the UI redesign is implemented and a request for client review is made. Once the final approval of the implemented changes are complete, the process is complete.
What is a website redesign audit?
The redesign audit team typically interviews the client on their goals and then come back within a week or so with sketches for the proposed redesign featuring all of the key elements such as site layout, UI/UX sketches and any live/moving feature examples. The design team lead then schedules an interview with the client to go over the designs and give the client a few days or more to approve or to give tweak requests and related project feedback. After all tweaks to the sketched models are complete, the team implements the design plan on a staging area on the backend, requesting any additional/final feedback after a period of a few days or perhaps a week from the client’s team. Once all new design tweaks are in place on the staged version and the final version is approved by the client, the new version of the site is pushed from staging area to the live site and the process is complete.
How do I know when it's time for a site redesign?
Usually, there is a coherent process we recommend to determine if it’s time for a site redesign. These include asking yourself the following questions:
  • Has it been 3+ years since the last redesign?
  • Is your website non-responsive?
  • Are returning visitors dwindling?
  • Does your website look “busy”?
  • Is it difficult for your prospects to find what they need from you?
  • Is your bounce rate over 25% for qualified traffic?
  • Is your site layout cluttered or inconsistent?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, it could be time to get a website redesign audit.

What is a digital marketing audit?
A digital marketing audit is the process of reviewing a website and all aspects of how visitors interact with your website from a digital marketing perspective. Normally, only experienced and well-trained eyes should perform a digital marketing audit as the success of the business depends upon the analysis and recommendations resulting from the audit. The audit should be competitive-intelligence based (that is, competitor-comparison based and data-driven). SUch an audit normally includes the following factors:
  • Visuals: branding, design, UI/UX and other look and feel aspects
  • Search engine visibility
  • On-page SEO optimization factors like tagging
  • Schema factors that employ structured data to help create featured results eligibility and greater searchability
  • Lead funnel analysis, including analysis of how you capture leads from traffic, the quality of that traffic, it’s sources, the ways of streamlining that lead traffic and improving it
  • CRM analysis (how you retain and upsell previous or existing clients)
  • For publications and blogs, revenue optimization analysis
  • PPC, retargeting and other ad-based campaign options derived from your niche market data
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