Case Study: Gartner’s Expo Web App

Gartner is a well-known strategic industry research company, providing industry insights via benchmark analytics, as well as strategic business consulting and contract optimization. Industry leaders in virtually every business market depend upon Gartner for the best insights into industry and business-level intelligence. This web app case study demonstrates Flip180’s abililty to successfully integrate with larger teams toward successful outcomeds for Fortune 5000 company end-clients.

Flip180 magazine design and Tablet view of web app development case study from tablet view.

The Challenge

Gartner’s (the end-client) WebDev requirement to their assigned design project management team was to develop a number of interactive applications to use on touchscreens at different conference events. Each application had to be custom developed using client-side software and be able to work offline, while storing all the analytical data generated offline for future use.

Each app was to have at least a few different forms of content like text, audio and video. Each user interaction and each interaction was to be recorded into an analytic software in the Cloud.

Metrics Recorded

  • Consumption rate per user
  • Which and how many content pieces were consumed by each user
  • How much of each video or audio content piece was played by each user
  • CTAs triggered during playback by each user

Marketing goals met.

  • In this web app case study, the challenging 3-week deadline was met and the final app provided all the above tracking features in a highly responsive and engaging application format.
  • All four apps were designed to be highly-responsive.
  • Each app was used by 600-800 attendees with on average 4 interactions per user.
  • An in-depth tracking layer with analytical data recording diverse metrics
  • Our application development helped the end-client to successfully reach the core marketing goal for the event.
  • Completed within the 3 week deadline.
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