Best Email Software Provider Setup for Digital Publishers How to Choose the Best Digital Magazine Publishing Software 😎

    How do you select the best email software provider for magazines? Email marketing is by far the most consistently effective long-term way to reach your audience. It can be difficult to sort through the noise and get started with a quality email marketing provider.

    You can ultimately choose from many email software solution providers, but the best email software provider for you will be the one that combines all your “must-haves” and is simple enough for you to use easily and keep up with. You’ll need to test out various solutions.

    First choose a mailing list software solution

    We recommend looking at these two email newsletter management services first, even if you plan to vet many:

    • MailChimp
    • MailerLite

    To truly test your prospective new solution out, it helps if they offer a free trial level of service (not merely a time-based trial). This allows you the time to complete your testing pahse.

    So to test it out, you’ll need to do typical set up. So from the beginning, start creating your subscribers list the right way. Here is a detailed description how.

    How to test your email marketing platform

    • Creating an embed opt-in form for your website
      • Testing the embed
    • Creating email list group automations
      • Workflow
      • Trigger
      • Group name
      • If-then email automation logic
    • Segmenting email list groups
      • How to segment from the initial welcome email
    • Tracking group performance factors
      • Track by role, form business intelligence from there

    Evaluating the best email software provider

    • Easy to learn
    • Ease of use (UX)
    • No internal software glitches
    • Easy to pass on to a new person in the organization
    • Easy to configure with your current website technologies
    • Easy to find useful, best-of-class plugins for your CMS
    • Able to be used with social media platforms easily

    If you were able to mark “Yes” to all of the above, this email software provider belongs on your short list. If not, consider marking it off the list.

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