Multiplatform Publishing Video #3: Audience engagement

In this multiplatform publishing video installment, I discuss how to step up tpo the task of managing your multiplatform / multichannel to engage every channel. We first need some understanding of basic channels, tools, and what you’ll be doing with them to further build your multichannel platform.


Example multiplatform channels

  • Twitter – A big deal for any brand to amplify messaging fast
  • Instagram – A big deal for the Millennials glamour factor
  • Interest – This is the image-centric channel
  • Facebook – A big deal for everyone
  • YouTube – The primary video platform today
  • LinkedIn (B2B) – The key business networking platform for B2B
  • Email – An eternally important channel for downtime, quiet time, or “business mode”
  • Your website – The central hub of your content efforts and the site of most sales
  • Downloadables – Anything useful, from PDFs to templates, infographics or checklists

Featured multichannel management tools:

For my original blog post on multiplatform publishing strategy, click below:

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