The Modern Digital Edition Magazine App 😍

    The Modern Digital Edition magazine is a web-app that helps you publish an online magazine in a beautiful and intuitive long-page layout that can be read by scrolling.

    If you are looking for the best readability for your digital edition, without having to zoom in, this template is right for you. This app displays your website or app-hosted content like a responsive magazine and maintains a linear reading layout so your reader can browse through all the content. Additionally, you’ll be able to grow your publishing business by offering ads by position in the magazine and space coverage. The Modern Digital Edition provides powerful search engine optimization benefits since your magazine is fully indexed by Google.

    Take a look at what the Modern Digital Edition magazine app offers to see if it’s right for you.

    Full description of the Modern Digital Edition magazine

    How the app works

    Let’s look at how this magazine app works in brief:

    1. Layout

    • Intuitive infinite-scroll layout
    • Content formatted into pages or endless
    • Clear issue isolation

    2. Navigation

    • Linear, form the top to the bottom using keyboard or scroll
    • Expandable table of contents panel
    • Dynamic links inside content


    • Social sharing
    • Social following
    • Subscribe form
    • Dynamic content (videos, tooltips, popups)
    • Fully responsive to every device
    • App-like experience

    4.What’s unique about it

    • Quick loading
    • Issue archive
    • SEO friendly
    • Easy sharing
    • Highly customizable
    • Responsive UX design built in
    • Easy magazine navigation
    • Works with multi-channel content distribution
    • Website article
    • Magazine article
    • Social media post
    • Feed for newsstands
    • Archive

    How to get your own MDE app

    Are you looking for a way to consolidate your magazine’s online presence and create a central content hub for your all of your marketing channels to use? You can get your very own modern digital edition magazine by viewing this page:

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