Magazine Production Handoff for Content Prep Team 😎

    Have you ever put out a magazine edition only to discover errata? Errors in the layout? Maybe even bleeds and composition botched? This is a nightmare for any publisher would love to avoid these mistakes. Magazine production handoff can be simplified, however.

    In this video, we’ll join Agnes, the layout artist at Flip180 Media. She discusses magazine production handoff issues for content prep teams. But first…

    What is magazine production handoff?

    This is just the fact that a team works together to produce the magazine, catalog, or other periodical before it is handed to the printer. It entails: proofreading of text, proofing of layout, proofing of typography, spacing, bleeds, composition, colors and many other visual elements on the page.

    Why the handoff is crucial

    The handoff to the printer is considered a final stage and is typically irreversible. Even if you’re able to stop the printer from going ahead once you’ve found an error, it’s usually too late to avoid additional cost to do so. Therefore, it’s important to get the magazine production handoff right. This means a lot of care and caution during the proof-reading sessions.

    What may seem to be something simple – like magazine production handoff for content – can be trickier than ever imagined once you’re in the thick of it.

    Common magazine production handoff problems

    • TOC
      • Article names
      • Article headings
      • Font settings
      • Matching article layout elements
    • Consistency
    • Creating issue roadmap
      • Saves time
      • Builds team and process confidence
    • Uploading files to the Cloud
      • Which tools to use
        • Creating magazine production folder structure
        • Match the issue folder structure to the issue TOC
      • Add instruction files at the root issue folder level
    • Advertisement layout
    • Stock image selection
    • Use designer notes to make editorial and team directions and reasoning clearer
    • Make feedback a safe space situation by softening any negative energy or impression toward double-checking of content by team members. It’s important to get it right. Let team members feel they’re legit in being extra-cautious.

    This 10-minute video lays it out into a simple, easy-to-digest four-step process. By the time you’re done, you should be able to organize your production handoff process more consistently and make far fewer errors, while staying sane throughout it all and gaining support in the process of making it more enjoyable (read: survivable).

    Be sure to check out the magazine production roadmap, article layout guide and TOC guide. It’s all in our

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