How to Start a Magazine in 2021 😎

    Want to know how to start a magazine online?

    Or maybe you want to know how to start a magazine for free?

    Starting your own magazine is an exciting journey, but doing it right and making it profitable is not easy.

    In this video, I talk about the most important stages that you need to work on when starting a new magazine. These stages are important for both, print and digital magazines.

    I also share some ideas on how to start generating your first earnings and make your magazine look attractive for advertisers:

    How to start a magazine, step-by-step

    • Focus hard and long on your magazine’s vision
    • Create an editorial calendar
    • Select a frequency rate for publication (bi-monthly, weekly, etc.)
    • Create a core magazine team
      • Find an editor
      • Find contributors (writers, interviewers, etc.)
    • Print vs. Digital
      • Digital:
        • Create a viable magazine website
        • Metered paywall
        • Subscriber plugin to your email list tool
        • Start with all-free content!
        • Create a policy of # pieces free per issue
    • Create your first issue
    • Distribute the first print and digital issue editions to
      • Advertisers
      • Sponsors
      • Readers
    •  Create a compelling, polished media kit
      • Include advertiser stats (if available)
      • Include anticipated readership (using whatever stats you can get)
      • Other stats that are helpful on anticipated content production (ad opportunities)
      • Your first digital edition is a great time to sew the seeds of SEO optimization for search engines
      • Explore and network on social media in your niche to prospective readers, curators and advertisers

    At first it will be difficult to imagine all the missing blanks filled in, so be realistic and be patient. It’s okay to start with a digital edition only, but having a print edition off the bat will help people to imagine your magazine as a world-class offering.

    Most magazines will need to put out a first best-try issue in order to have something to talk about and show in their promotional materials. Focus on your brand at first until you have the material to back up the brand talk.

    More info on how to start a magazine:

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