How to Design a Magazine for Print Using CSS

    Want to know how to design a magazine for print using CSS?

    Okay, I’ll allow you to gasp and drop your jaw a sec.

    I hope that one second was all you needed. That’s right. I mean how to design a magazine for print using CSS, cascading style sheets, which are meant for Web design. From start to finish, all using CSS!

    Many new magazine publishers skip print and go straight to digital figuring that print is on the way out. That’s incorrect according to industry experts. In fact, like trains and cars, planes didn’t replace other modes of transportation and record players are being produced more now than ever. Print hasn’t stopped being consumed, it’s stopped growing in share. That means with more and more readers each year, print isn’t taking up more of the newer readers than it did before, but it’s still a viable medium, despite a few twists and turns along the technology curve.

    If you’re doing a digital edition of magazine website right now, but have no print edition, you’ll love this little hack that can take your digital magazine and transition it to print just by outputting it to PDF.

    This little “Friday’s Find” Flip180 #tips video is about designing print editions via your digital #magazine CSS was inspired by Smashing Magazine. (See their original post here:

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