Choose the Best Digital Magazine Publishing Software 😎

    Struggling with how to select the best digital magazine publishing software for your digital edition? Digital magazine publishing software varies by the need and budgetary limitations. That includes your running budget, since the more complex the publishing method, the more expensive in terms of man hours and money to keep it going.

    It’s very important to make the most appropriate choice from the beginning to get the best value out of the software you select.  It is therefore most important to educate yourself first on the options available.

    Magazine publishing options

    Know your magazine publishing options. Get acquainted with them below:

    5 considerations for choosing the best magazine publishing software for you:

    When you’ve researched the types above and you’re finally ready to select the best digital magazine publishing software for your periodical, these are the aspects you’ll need to keep in mind before you select the software:

    1. Readability – The font size and letter-spacing, etc., must be highly user-friendly for the most popular device screen ratios.
    2. Speed – Page speed, load speed of other elements included.
    3. Device capability – The magazine should work well and similarly on all devices.
    4. Features – Your magazine UX and SEO features should be highly productive and user/device/channel-centric
    5. Infrastructure
      1. Publish under your domain – – You need to publish your digital edition on your own domain for SEO and branding benefits
      2. Choose scalable solutions – Your content needs to be ordered so that you can scale content versions using text as a foundational base format
        5.3 Create more advertising methods – Your digital edition magazine ads should be interactive, never static images without a link to take action. No advertiser is going to be interested in advertising print static ads online. Plus, you’ll need some way to help them meaningfully track their ad performance analytics.
        1. Hyper-linked static image ads – Link that ad to a landing page!
        2. Banner ads (side, bottom, or top) – Banner ads can be peripheral ads that grab the user’s attention in-between reading content or surfing your site.
        3. News ticker ads
        4. Pop-up ads – A great way to check the temperature of your prospect.
        5. Ken Burns style moving ad – These exciting, moving ads can entice the user to check out the landing page while earning that click in the background.
        6. Slideshows ( a simpler, adaptable version of a text-based moving ad) – Slideshows can be used to more easily move copy and image layout versions into an ad-friendly format
        7. Video ads – This is a highly engaging format because it involves sound and a video that can actually be bookmarked, saved and/or shared.
        8. Corner peel ads – Allow users to peel down the ad if they’re interested
        9. Reminder ads – Allow users to save reminders directly to their Google Calendar
        10. Live form ads – Informational ads can appeal to certain users who don’t respnd well to classic advertising production values
        11. Time scarcity ads – Limited time offers tend to bolster a sense of urgency to act
        12. Conditional ads – Conditional ads allow you to use your website’s user session insights to guide ad interactions on the site.
        13. Chat box ads – Interacts with users informationally and can replace direct communication to move the prospect down the funnel
        14. Browser notifications – Similar to push notifications on mobile devices, but on browsers (laptops & desktop)
        15. Remarketing pixel campaigns – Visitors can be reminded on other sites after seeing your target promotion landing page or product/service page, etc.
        16. Exit pop-up ads – Using the pop-up ad method to make one last appeal as the user is about to close the page or moves the cursor away from the screen.

    Advertiser portfolio brochure

    When it comes to putting together an ads brochure, here is some helpful info we’ve put together to make publishing ads in your online publication easier:


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