Improve Magazine Email Open Rates Immediately 😎

    How do you get good newsletter open rates? The average newsletter open rate for publishers is 22%. If your open rate is lower, you should watch this video. In this magazine email open rate video for niche magazine publishers, we’ll look at why you may not be getting out of your email channel all that you should be.

    In this magazine email open rate video:

    1. How to improve open rate

    • Make sure your newsletter does not go to spam
    • Keep your mailing list up to date
    • Optimize your subject lines:
      • Fear of missing something
      • Curiosity
      • Funny
      • Personalized
    • Optimize the first sentence
    • Cut the crap…right to the point
    • Strong statements
    • Tease – “Did you know…”
    • Personalize if possible

    2. When not to send

    • On Mondays (unless you have solid data showing otherwise)
    • If your magazine is not hobby-related, don’t send it on weekends

    3. When to send

    • The best day is often a Wednesday or a Thursday.
    • Most popular times range between 9am – 2pm.
    • Use a personalized approach
    • * UPDATED: The best way to know when to send is to use your internal analytics from your email solution once you’ve gotten going for several months…review quarterly

    4. How much is too much?

    • Recycle content
    • Resend same content to those who didn’t open with a different subject line, intro
    • Do recaps (new versions of content covering the previous content in low-conversion email)

    Recaps in separate content can be useful when your list members may have missed the resends on didn’t like the wording for some reason or another. People have trigger words and topics. Sometimes the triggers are highly idiosyncratic and personal. A recap is also a good opportunity to see how you may have misinterpreted the communication efficacy of the last email on the topic. It can allow you to retool your thinking and copy and related CTAs as well. There’s a lot to be said for thinking fresh, from a clean slate on a topic, and the best time to do it is when trying to respond to a poor magazine email open rate in a particular content iteration.

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    2020 UPDATE: Now SEMRUSH allows you to schedule to the times your existing followers are usually online. If you use this tool, you can always have the best delivery timing.

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