The Ultimate Guide to Magazine Growth Hacks – Video

    For those who don’t know yet, Flip180 Media has created a great new Ebook called “The Ultimate Guide to Magazine Growth Hacks”, all 100% FREE for you, our subscribers, fans and the newly tuned-in! This is the promotional magazine growth hacks video, really just an introduction to the concepts for those who haven’t yet downloaded the ebook.

    How to Hack Your Subscribers, Magazine Growth & Revenue!

    This magazine growth hacks guide covers:

    1. Refocus on Your Best Audience
    2. Reconsider the Key Format
    3. Optimize the Revenue Strategy
      1. Subscription revenue
      2. Advertising revenue
      3. Additional revenue sources
    4. Use Savvy Guerilla Advertising Tactics
    5. Sneaky Subscription-Building Tactics
      1. Social samples!
      2. Creative subscriber-luring tactics
      3. Physical giveaways
    6. Plan a 12-Month Editorial Calendar
      1. Plan your 12 yearly topics organically
      2. Aim for theme variety every month
      3. Know when to break the rules
    7. Use the Right Content Strategy
    8. Gain Exemplary Authors
      1. How will you pay content authors?
    9. Hook Readers into Becoming Subscribers
      1. Freebie sample content
      2. Seasonal discount codes
      3. Drip email
    10. Optimize the Marketing Strategy
      1. Investigate best-performing channel
      2. Optimize your approach to every channel
      3. Optimize Your Social Ads for Pre-Branded Platform Follower
    11. Diversify your Marketing Materials
    12. Implement Trackable Conversion Funnels
    13. Use Omnichannel Marketing
      1. Vanity URLs
      2. Segment Your Audience
      3. The proof is in the test
      4. Understanding the individual channels is the key to omni-platform strategy 28
      5. Make omnichannel / omniplatform a symphony, not a medley
    14. Test & Hack Multiple Distribution Methods
      1. The proof is in the test
      2. Understanding the individual channels is the key to omni-platform strategy 28
      3. Make omnichannel / omniplatform a symphony, not a medley
    15. Review & Tweak Analytics Periodically
      1. Page analytics
      2. Post/article analytics
      3. Audience analytics
      4. Click analytics
      5. Campaign analytics
      6. Quality Assurance (QA)
      7. Tailor Content & Tactics to the Numbers 34
    16. Periodically Review Your Lessons
      1. Questions your team should be asking themselves

    I created a brief video to introduce the eBook and why we’re so excited about it. This is a major milestone for any new magazine publisher, catalog publisher, or other periodical publisher trying to hit that missing next level.

    We hope you’ll get a lot out of this magazine growth video and the handy magazine growth hacks guide and reference to growing your magazine, annual report, catalog, or whatever other periodical you’re currently plotting! I even printed out a full glossy stock copy to show how you or your team can, too!

    >>> Grab it NOW!

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