How to Design a Magazine Cover with InDesign CC 😍

    Want to know how to design a magazine cover with InDesign? Then watch this upbeat and breezy 4-minute time-lapse video on making a magazine cover in about 15 minutes using Adobe’s InDesign tool.

    Inside this installment, we’ll look at an example centered around an in-flight airline or aviation magazine theme.

    • Notice the color choices used to highlight or contrast with key or background elements.
    • Note the tools used to handle detailed aspects of the layout design (may not always be the ones many would latch onto).
    • See how Agnes explores alternative ideas on the fly right in the tool.
    • Take stock of how available images are selected from to fit the purpose and how sometimes the choice determines the direction of the draft.
    • Note how font choices, often not addressed prior to the design session, must be experimented with to mesh with the forming mood.
    • Notice how branding issues are impacted by careful positioning and sizing of the logo.
    • Zoom in on how compositional spacing is in flux until all the key elements on locked into place on the page.
    • The company’s slogan placement, font alteration and sizing is also a design choice and an integral part of how to design a magazine cover with InDesign.
    • See how elements right down to bar code placement impact the overall cover design?
    • Notice how composition decisions ultimately play a role for every design element?
    • Certain elements impact the functional aspects of how the magazine is consumed and may be predecided by the editorial team.
    • Finally, understand that the finished product often comes out differently depending upon the other elements one has to work with.

    Pay close attention to detail and you too will soon know how to design a magazine cover with InDesign on your very own!

    This video is made with love by Agnes, our in-house graphics and layout designer at Flip180 (

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