Classic Digital Edition Magazine – Explainer Video

    In this Classic Digital Edition Magazine (aka Classic-style flipbook) is a web application that helps you publish your online magazine in a turn-page (flipbook) format. This video is a perfect digital edition magazine explainer in that it details how it works and the benefits for both the user and the publisher. It covers the following aspects in slightly more depth.

    The Classic Digital Edition magazine is ideal when:

    • You need to keep content formatted into pages
    • You want to provide readers with a real magazine-like experience
    • You want to sell ads by page area coverage and position within the magazine
    • You want to focus readers on the issue and isolate them

    For most new or low-budget publishers, these can be essential reasons to go with the classic digital edition format.

    Full description:

    What is the Classic Digital Edition and When to Use It

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    How does a Classic Digital Edition work?

    • Layout
      • Intuitive turn-page layout
      • Content formatted into pages
      • Clear issue isolation
    • Navigation
      • Linear, left to right using arrows on screen or keyboard
      • Expandable table of contents panel
      • Dynamic links inside content
    • Features
      • Social sharing
      • Social following
      • Subscribe form
      • Dynamic content (videos, popups)
      • Fully responsive on every device
      • App-like experience

    What are the advantages of a Classic Digital Edition?

    • UX (user experience) benefits
      • Quick loading
      • Offline use
      • Print-ready
      • Download full magazine
      • Download by article
      • Buttons
      • Zoom levels
    • Publisher-end benefits of the digital edition magazine format
      • Highly monetizable (via an ad portfolio)
      • Highly customizable
      • Add an archive
      • Open links within popups
      • Embed forms
      • Can easily offer downloads
      • Subscriptions
      • Deep-linking for better SEO visibility

    The Classic Digital Edition remains a highly-viable format and a great choice for many publishers seeking a certain level of ease and economy while retaining a maximum of available UX and publisher-side benefits. I explain all this in the video more in-depth in the digital edition explainer video on this page.

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