Digital Magazine UX Formatting Mistakes 🤔

    Are you making BIG digital magazine UX formatting mistakes? Your magazine’s print-to-digital online strategy may involve any of several different online publishing format options. Periodical publishers should think carefully about their audience and what really matters most to them. Then go from there.

    For example, is your audience in a very narrow industrial industry that is liable to read your magazine directly on a phone in the field OR on an office desktop? This may mean you need a very particular format.

    Is a blog post an acceptable way to publish a magazine? Or does it need more attention to user experience to truly do justice to the magazine subscriber’s expectations? Readers should anticipate each new issue with great expectation.

    This video covers many such common digital magazine UX formatting mistakes with magazine flipbooks, PDFs, digital editions, blog posts, and magazine websites. It also provides some easy answers to the often bewildering reasons why digital magazine UX formatting mistakes go unnoticed for so long.

    The history of digital magazine formats

    • PDFs were the first and simplest version
    •  Flipbooks were next
      • PDF formats can be a starting point for flipbooks (WIN!)
      • Easy to view on multiple devices
    • More people are no using mobile phones and tablets now
    • Mobile devices are not ideal for flipbooks due to being less readable
    • Many magazines tuned to the blog post format — but is it really a magazine?!
    • Over time the fun of magazines have diminished in relation to easy digital publishing solutions
      • This is a wasted opportunity!
    • Look for solutions that give all the reader benefits, not just the publisher ease of use
    • Consider the following digital magazine UX formatting mistakes
      • No SEO vs. INSTANT FIX SEO
        • Is it crawlable and easy to index?
        • Are you bypassing superior SEO for the sake of a quick fix?
      •  Is it easy to market?
      •  Easy to distribute?
      •  Waiting for a new issue can be a marketing incentive
      • How is your magazine part of the Experience Economy we now live in?
    • How to give your readers more to look forward to every month

    By recognizing these digital magazine UX formatting mistakes, you can better avoid making them and save time while ramping up faster and easier.

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