How to Layout a Magazine with InDesign – Tutorial 😎

    Not 100% about some aspects of InDesign magazine layout design for grid, crops, and bleeds? Confused about how to use a layout grid? Curious about crops and bleeds? Agnes, the Flip180 in-house graphic and layout designer, has been doing magazine design tutorial videos on InDesign magazine layout to help budding designers and in-house staff understand the magazine production process better.

    In this video installment, our own layout designer Agnes gives our viewers a magazine layout design tutorial covering such aspects of layout design as the following.

    How to Layout a Magazine with InDesign (CONTENTS)

    This magazine design tutorial video on How to Layout a Magazine with InDesign covers:

    • Common errors with typography
      • Why the most basic errors are ogften the biggest
      • How to spot errors instantly
      • When to revise an error
      • The tell-tale clues to look for
    • Working with a layout grid
      • Basic elements
      • Margins
      • Flow lines
      • Columns and rows
      • Gutters
      • Print vs. digital
      • Column and spacing selections
      • Margins: inside vs. outside
      • Headers and footers
      • Grid guides
    • Working with crops and bleeds
      • General tips
      • Why the details matter
    • Exporting documents
      • Basic tips
      • Quick hacks
    • How to use the tools to best effect
      • Some simple advice

    Learning how to layout a magazine with InDesign is simple when you start with the basics. When using grid, crops and bleeds, care must be taken to get the spacing and widths correct. In this ongoing magazine design tutorial series, we’ll take the next step to understanding how to make fuller use of Adobe InDesign tools to design world-class magazine, layouts.

    We hope you  enjoy this video. If you have comments or questions, feel free to leave them here!  🙂

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