How to Track Ad Visits on Your Magazine’s Publishing Network 😎

    Wondering how to track ads performance on your magazine website? Learn how with my ad tracking method help you track ROI for your advertising program. Track how many track site ad visits in total you sent to the advertiser, even if they used multiple sources to advertise and aren’t tracking their campaigns correctly. Here’s a real life example:

    Let’s say, some advertiser bought

    • Digital magazine full page, display ad with a link
    • Magazine website banner ad
    • Email newsletter display ad

    We want to know which of these sources was the most efficient and how many visitors in total the campaign generated.

    Here’s how to do ad tracking

    • Google Analytics
    • Other methods
    • Building the campaign URL correctly

    Example ad types

    All of the below example ads need to tie into the same umbrella campaign.

    • Full-page ad
    • Banner display ad
    • Newsletter email ad link

    Using the Campaign URL Builder (UTM link generator)

    1. The website URL (with your own domain name)
    2. Campaign source (eg., a newsletter link)
    3. Campaign medium (eg., a banner ad linking to the opt-in form from the magazine website)
    4. Campaign name (for your internal marketing program reference only)
    5. Campaign term (the campaign keyword phrase used for this ad creative)
    6. Campaign content (used to differentiate your individual ads from each other)

    In our example, we filled out the campaign builder to track our example own ad program on a magazine website. This URL will now be able to yield all the information we want to track and can be used to provide the info to the advertisers directly, even if they’re not tracking performance on their own end. Providing ad tracking for your online magazine advertisers is a great way to ensure they understand the value you’re providing and allows them room to continue on and improve performance by adjusting their own advertisement content creatives and ad copy.

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