Modern Style Digital Magazine

Modern Style Digital Magazine is the ideal tool to create stunning online publications that work great on every device without zoom while making any publication fun and easy to read.

What is a modern style digital magazine?

Modern Style Digital Magazine creates digital publications in HTML5 while structuring the content and navigation into scrolling experience. The intelligent tool provides the best reading and content experience on every screen. That means you will always get instantly crystal clear text on all devices and sizes. While print magazine replicas are sometimes hard to read due to static layouts, Modern Style Digital Magazine is highly intuitive and responsive, making it appear like the publication was built for every device separately.

How does it work?

With Modern Style Digital Magazine, each publication is custom designed and developed by our in-house designers using a state-of-the-art visual editor. Since each publication is completely customized to your needs, there is no limit on the type of content that can be developed. Similar to a custom website, anything you have ever imagined can be a part of your new publication.

Once your publication is designed, our team adds analytics, dynamic ads and dynamic content feed. When the publication is ready, our experts will add unique URLs, internal linking, and SEO data to the publication and each of its articles, so you can get discovered online by your target audience. From concept to creation, we’ll help you through the entire process of publishing your content online.

Why have a modern style digital magazine?

Modern Style Digital Magazine is the industry-leading reader for any digital publication. See what benefits you can enjoy with Modern Style Digital Magazine:

  • Very fast. No waiting time to load or flip through pages.
  • Fun and intuitive. Drive engagement and retain your readers with easy-to-use scrollable publications.
  • No more zooming or blurry text. Enjoy crystal clear and sharp text across devices.
  • Responsive distribution. Modern Style Digital Magazine integrates with your websites, mailing software, lead capture tools, sales tools, and more. Read more about magazine Portal system.
  • All in one solution. Free or paid-subscription publishing? Modern Style Digital Magazine handles them both.
  • Easy to Use Content Management System. You have complete control over your content any time after it’s built using the visual editor.
  • Powerful SEO. Improve your visibility with HTML5 based content, META, OG and structured data layers, internal linkage, deep links, and more to crush your competition on search engines. Read more about Magazine Portal for unbeatable results.

This solution is perfect when paper or PDF version is not needed and the focus is to run online-only publication or when the value-added digital edition is needed.

Something else to mention?

Oh yes!

Modern Style Digital Magazine is a real power-player when integrated with
Magazine Portal. It takes periodical digital publishing it to whole another level.

Publishers dashboard gives you powerful insights into exactly how readers are interacting with your content. Analyze insights such as the number of page views, daily views, average session duration, links and more
Learn more.

Modern Style Digital Magazine will automatically generate an archive of your publications allowing you to link between them by an article, ad, or entire publication.
Learn more.

Modern Style Digital Magazine has a team of dedicated developers and we are continually adding great features you can take advantage of.

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