Magazine publishing tools

Tools that we use to publish your content to professional digital edition of magazine.

Your content:

text, images, interactive media

Classic Style Flipbook

A Classic Digital Edition brings physical magazine-like turn-page reading experience. It keeps the content split into pages and works on any device.

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Modern Style Magazine

A Modern Digital Edition provides users with an intuitive scroll based reading experience. It brings interactivity, fun factor and best readability on any device.

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Magazine Portal

The Magazine Portal turns your online magazine into a website of a special kind. It delivers strong search engine optimization, structure and scalability.

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Publishing tools compared

In the table below, we have compared all three digital formats from different aspects in an unbiased manner.

Please note, we do not recommend reusing the same layout of your magazine created for print. All methods are compared as if you are creating your magazine layout specifically for the method. Reusing print layout is an ineffective practice that will not yield any positive long-term results. If you have to publish your print layout, just use the good-old PDF itself.

Setup investment medium
Cost per issue
Production speed per issue slow
Navigation linear, scroll
User experience
Fun factor
Additional content
Device capability
Advertising options By ad size, position + banners
Subscription types Free, paid
Overall value to publisher high
Overall value to reader high
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