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Magazine Portal is a complete set of tools that help you build and grow your digital multiplatform publishing business. The portal format has the magazine or issue archive page with the most recent issue at the top, followed by the issue page with the table of contents, and editor letter. Finally, the feature pages with navigation are included between other features within the issue.

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What is a magazine portal?

With Magazine Portal, you can connect different sets of tools to run and grow your multi-platform publishing business. The secret is in Magazine Portals open source content management system. The system utilizes the open sources CMS and extends it with various proprietary extensions to fit almost any business model.

The base model of Magazine Portal includes magazine section, news (or other free content) feed, issue and article archive, subscription modules and set of landing pages to attract different audiences. However, Magazine Portal is designed to grow with you, and our team can work with you to add-on other tools you may need in the future.

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How does it work?

Magazine Portal is a brilliant platform that helps you save time by utilizing the same content in various ways online.

Here are just one of all possible scenarios

Your content is first published Modern Style Digital Magazine, the issue-level-isolated unit. Content can be free, partially free, or paid depending on your business model. Each issue and article is optimized for the best search engine rankings, growing stronger over time. Search engines view each article as text and pictures (in case of free content) and if a visitor finds your article from the search result page,

Modern Style Digital Magazine is loaded and the visitor is sent to that particular page on the isolated environment. This way, the visitor can browse the publication through the intuitive linear navigation, while consuming ads and other articles on the issue, and can subscribe at any time.

The system also generates feeds based on your unique business model that can be submitted to various newsstands such as Apple app store and Google Play.

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Why have a magazine portal?

It’s very important to start on a solid foundation, which is why we build our extensions on an open source CMS. Open source CMS improves fast, gets debugged fast, and adopts all the latest technologies and integrations first, so you can stay ahead or your competition.

Magazine Portal is a growing system that is developed, extended, and improved every day.

It automates and advances your publishing process, growing stronger in search engine rankings over time to unbeatable levels.

Something else to mention?


Magazine Portal grows with your business and helps you serve your expanding community with integrations like:

Online community (your own scaled down “Facebook”)
Job board
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