The analytical platform created especially for periodical online publications. Works great when integrated with Classic Style Flipbook and Modern Style Digital Magazine.

What is flipstats?

FlipStats provides powerful insights in a simple and easy to understand manner. While there are many web analytic platforms, many are cumbersome to use and difficult to understand as they have a hard time adapting to the linear flipping or long-scroll layout. As a result, you’ll spend hours trying to read through the data in order for it to make sense. That’s why we came up with FlipStats. You can access live or historical reader data to drive smart business actions.

How does it work?

FlipStats works with advanced socket technology to provide very accurate real-time data. With FlipStats, you can easily see how many readers are reading your issue at the moment, what sections they are reading, for how long, and so on. It also tracks new subscribers, downloads, social shares, and even custom actions that you want to track on your digital edition.

FlipStats is incredibly beneficial when working with your advertisers. You can use your FlipStats dashboard when reporting to advertisers, showing them what link on what page was clicked and how many times it was clicked in a given time period. Additionally, this can be done with videos, lead-gen forms and more.

Why use FlipStats?

FlipStats is essential for running your digital publishing business because it brings clarity, helps drive business goals, and grow your business over time. With FlipStats, you’ll have data at your fingertips to build relationships with affiliates and advertisers.

Something else to mention?


FlipStats drives healthy competition between the editors inside your company because it’s clear how each issue performs.

You’ll understand reader behavior and content consumption patterns, and FlipStats can even work with print replica editions.

Sort through data like a pro by filtering publication names, year and issue numbers, all through one convenient dashboard.

And finally, FlipStats tracks and provides all the basic analytical data such as the total number of visitors, new vs. returning visitors, desktop vs. mobile visitors, bounce rate, referral sources, visitor countries, and more.

Our dedicated team takes feature requests seriously and we are always trying to enhance our client’s experience.

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