Classic Style Flipbook

Classic Style Flipbook is an effective and affordable tool to transform your print publication to responsive digital edition or create digital edition from scratch. It’s a highly customizable solution.

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What is a classic style flipbook?

Classic Style Flipbook is a software that transforms interactive PDFs to an engaging digital, flippable HTML5 edition while preserving the original document layout. As a result, you’ll have a powerful page-flipping digital publication that goes beyond what print and magazines can do. We have created Classic Style Flipbook to be an intuitive, fast, device and user-friendly frontend interface while having a sophisticated backend. These realistic interactive digital publications provide a seamless viewing experience for your visitors as they flip through your publication on any device.

How does it work?

Classic Style Flipbook transforms your publication through a series of steps:

First, we design your new magazine or reflow your current magazine for digital publishing.

Secondly, we convert the PDF publication to HTML5 with text and images to reach maximum readability, speed, and text sharpness.

Next, we check the existing links and add dynamic layers such as videos, animations, sounds, web forms, charts, dynamic ad and content blocks.

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Then, we integrate analytics and tracking layers, so you can monitor your publication on an ongoing basis.

Finally, we add custom features such as PDF download buttons, PDF downloads by an article, popups, subscribe options, SEO layer, and custom features you might need to enhance your reader’s experience.

Once the process is complete, we will host the publication on your server and the publication will have a unique link to your domain.

Why have a classic style flipbook?

Classic Style Flipbook is the perfect, cost-efficient digital publishing tool that allows you to transform your print magazine, existing PDF or newly designed magazine into an interactive, responsive viewing experience. This digital publishing tool ensures your online publication loads fast, responds on any device, and is intuitive to use.

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By adding distinctive dynamic layers, you’ll create more value for your readers, increase your revenue with dynamic ad blocks, improve your future publications with analytics, and drive your business’ unique goals to grow your business.

Finally, along with the inclusion of email support, each rendition of Classic Style Flipbook receives automatic updates on a regular basis to look and work perfectly over time on every device.

Something else to mention?

Yes. With Classic Style Flipbook, you can enjoy these exclusive benefits:

Each issue of Classic Style Flipbook has an archive button where you can access past issues.
The intelligent software can be used to publish free-subscription publications, as well as paid-subscriptions, and password protected publications.
It integrates and works perfectly with High-performance website or Magazine portal.
It can help you maximize your profits with AdsBroshure.
We help periodical publishers achieve unmatched growth.
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