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    The What and When of the Modern Digital Edition

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    The Modern Digital Edition is a web-app that helps you publish an online magazine in a beautiful and intuitive long-page layout that can be read by scrolling.

    If you are looking for the best readability for your digital edition, without having the user zoom in, this template is right for you! The Modern Digital Edition displays your website or an app like a responsive magazine and maintains a linear reading layout so your reader can browse through all the content. Additionally, you’ll be able to grow your publishing business by offering ads by position in the magazine and space coverage. The Modern Digital Edition provides powerful search engine optimization benefits since your magazine is fully indexed by Google.

    Take a look at what the Modern Digital Edition offers to see if it’s right for you!

    How does it work?


    • Intuitive infinite-scroll layout – The Modern Digital Edition provides an infinite-scroll layout, which is how users prefer to navigate online. For example, users feel comfortable navigating Facebook and Instagram, which utilizes the same infinite-scroll layout. All you need is a mouse wheel or keyboard arrows to read the magazine.
    • Content formatted into pages or endless – The modern style magazine is very versatile. If you are running an ad sponsored magazine and it’s important to keep pages on your magazine, you’ll be able to keep that existing layout. Or, if you prefer, you’ll have the choice to split it into articles, sections, or simply keep it endless.
    • Clear issue isolation – By isolating each issue, your reader will clearly understand that he is reading the same issue from the beginning to the end.


    • Linear: Navigation for the Modern Digital Edition is linear — from the top to the bottom. Users have the ability to use their keyboard or scroll to navigate the magazine and enjoy every page from cover to cover. Readers will have the ability to see their reading progress on the convenient timeline on the right.
    • Expandable table of contents panel: Provides a dynamic table of contents available at all times. You’ll also be able to denote shortcuts which highlight anything you want in your magazine.
    • Dynamic links inside content: Create links to scroll your visitors to a particular page of the magazine with ease. Use a strong call to actions within your content to lead your visitors to other pages on your site, pushing them further down the funnel.

    What are the features?

    • Social sharing – The modern digital edition makes it easy for your audience to share your content with their social networks.
    • Social following – Build relationships with your audience and grow your social following by making it easy for your readers to follow you on your social accounts.
    • Subscribe form – Convert your readers to email subscribers and take advantage of a direct communication channel with them.
    • Dynamic content – Create beautiful, interactive content to impress your readers. Add videos, tooltips, popups and more to add value.
    • Fully responsive to every device – Responsive layouts and pages are great, but the modern digital edition takes it to the next level by bringing responsive text and interactive elements to the table. Each element within the magazine is adapted to every device, bringing the best readability, usability, and satisfaction to the user.
    • App-like experience – The modern digital edition feels like a native app on every device, but it does not require your users to download anything, so it is incredibly easy to use.

    What unique about it?

    • Quick loading – The modern digital edition is a lightweight web app that uses real text, web fonts, asynchronous loading, compression, and optimization to deliver the content in readers browser within a blink. It loads fast, so your audience is less likely to bounce from your magazine.
    • Issue archive – The digital edition provides an easy to use issue archive, allowing your reader to check other issues with just a few clicks.
    • Powerful SEO – All of your content within the digital edition is optimized for search engines. Search engines will easily crawl your content and it will help you make Google your best audience development partner.
    • Easy sharing – We make it easy for your audience to share your content. Readers can select and share snippets of your content with a link that drives other readers back to your magazine. This functionality will help you grow your audience even faster.
    • Free or subscription-based model – Choose to set up your magazine as a free or subscription-based edition. Content can be combined on each magazine to be free or for registered users only. This can be broken out by sentence or even an object. For example, you can make images available for free, while video or downloadables available only for subscribed users.
    • Highly customizable – If you saw something that impressed you anywhere on the web, and you want that feature on your magazine, we can integrate it into your magazine. So far, we have added photo galleries, videos, podcasts, games, crosswords, forms, social feeds, and even shopping carts to the modern style magazine for our clients.
    • Works with multi-channel content distribution – Content is stored in the database as real text and can be easily reused on other distribution channels in order to get the most value out of it.
      • Website article – Create a blog post on your website from your magazine’s article with just a few clicks!
      • Newsfeed – Use part of the article or just a single headline for your news feed on your website.
      • Social media post – Create and post your magazine articles to social media with just a few clicks by utilizing OG data.
      • Feed for newsstands – Reach a broader audience on popular newsstands by submitting your articles through auto-generated and optimized RSS feeds.
      • Archive – You’ll be able to automatically create modern digital edition archives and get the most out of search engines.


    Finding the Right Modern Digital Magazine Publishing Tool

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    It’s important to get the right modern style magazine publishing tools to not only make it easier to publish your magazine but make it easier for your readers to interact and share your content.

    Flip180 Media has been publishing magazines for quite some time now and we know exactly what needs to be done to grow your publishing business faster and get more from your content by working smarter, not harder.

    Modern Digital Edition works perfectly when combined with a magazine portal or high-performance website. This takes your publishing to a whole new level and will help you expand your business further.

    Working with a Strategic Partner on your Digital Edition

    Flip180 Media has the tools to take your online digital edition to the next level. Whether you have an existing print magazine or are new to the entire process, we can help you start, grow, and reimagine your publishing business.

    Contact us today to learn about our innovative tools, including our Modern Digital Edition, and see how we can help you achieve unmatched growth.

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