Tips and Tricks for Digital Magazine Analytics

Once your beautiful digital edition is published, you’ll want to understand how your readers consume your content. Analyzing your digital edition is essential for learning how your publication is performing. Are you attracting the right person? What path are they taking? Are you providing your audience the content they are looking for?

How to Master your Email Marketing
How to Master your Email Marketing

If you have struggled, or are currently struggling with analyzing your digital publication, you’re not alone. Furthermore, if you are using a publishing platform such as flipbook, you may not even have any data about your readers, or the data may not make any sense.

To truly get an overview of your digital publication’s performance, you’ll want to analyze at least the following aspects:

  • Number of visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Average reading time of the whole edition
  • Average reading time per each article
  • Which articles are most popular
  • How far visitors go into your issue
  • Exit pages
  • New Subscriptions
  • Social Shares
  • Downloads
  • And more

Why It Is Important to Master Your Digital Publication’s Data

By analyzing these aspects of your digital publication, you’ll gain valuable insights into your current publication’s performance and can make business decisions that drive growth.

When you master your digital publication’s data, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what your readers like and spend their time reading to develop a successful content marketing plan.
  • Find trending articles so you can republish them or create more content on that topic.
  • Understand where they exit from to help you optimize those landing experiences.
  • Find out what triggers them to subscribe in order to grow your subscriber list.

By continually learning and optimizing the process, you’ll grow your business and develop better pitches to your advertisers.

So, how can you get started? In this article, we share our best tips and tricks for analyzing your digital publication.

How to Analyze your Digital Publication

Google Analytics isn’t always enough.

While Google Analytics is an amazing and very powerful tool, it doesn’t always work seamlessly will flipbooks and long scroll pages.

For example, on dynamic JavaScript flipbooks, Google Analytics may show that all users have bounced from your publication because it only views your publication as one page — it can’t figure out where the article starts and ends.

We definitely recommend having Google Analytics for your publication to analyze some useful data, but you’ll need supplementary tools to get other data for your online publication.

Know and understand your digital publication’s numbers.

In order to grow a successful publication, you have to know and understand your digital publication’s numbers. It’s important to master your numbers and to understand what they mean and how to improve them.

For example, knowing your numbers will help advise your advertisers where they should be placing their ads and what type of ads to make their campaigns more effective to them and keep them reordering.

Your advertisers will ask what they can expect and how to improve their online campaigns, so it is imperative you understand how their campaigns are performing. If you don’t understand your current numbers, you won’t be able to provide your advertisers any feedback.

Add value for your advertisers.

You can help your advertisers further by providing reports on a regular basis. You can add recommendations so they can fully optimize their advertisements for your publishing network. This is a great opportunity to upsell your other advertising options. Not only will this help your advertiser grow his or her campaign, but you’ll grow your digital publication as well.

Furthermore, as you may know, digital and print advertising are two separate worlds. You’ll need to be able to explain to your advertisers how to properly optimize their advertisements for the digital world. At a very minimum, every digital advertisement needs a strong call to action and an eye-catching visual ad. These advertisements must be directed to a conversion focused landing page created for a particular campaign.

Tools for Digital Publication Analytics

If you’re frustrated with staying on top of your digital publication’s numbers and are struggling with Google Analytics, there is a solution.

At Flip180 Media, we have created our own set of tools that are extremely accurate and work in real time, so you can better track your publication’s numbers. FlipStats provides you with live data to show you how many visitors are currently on your digital publication, what they are reading at the moment, and where they are from.

These tools will help you understand exactly what is going on from the moment you publish your digital edition, so you can make intelligent business decisions based on your insights. Craft better content, help your advertisers optimize, and watch your digital publication grow.

Here’s what our digital publication analytics tools can offer:

  • Digital edition analytics that is easy to access and understand
  • Digital reader stats such as click-through on pages, what visitors are reading at the moment, session duration, conversions, and more
  • Deep insights that allow you to see readers by name if the reader comes from your email blast
  • An intelligent ad portfolio that shows your potential advertisers ideas and advertising capabilities for your online publication
  • Integrates seamlessly with Classic Digital Edition and Modern Digital Edition publishing solutions.

Grow your Publishing Business Program with Flip180 Media

If you’re ready to dive deeper into your digital edition’s analytics, contact Flip180 Media today. Our analytics solutions for digital publications will provide intelligent insights so you can grow your publishing business. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our analytics solutions.