Vee Banionis
Why is the transition from print to digital so difficult? It’s been said time and time again: print is dying. While print may be on the decline as digital resources increase, the print is definitely not dead. In fact, it will never die. It will carry on for the same reason we buy paperback books and go shopping at a store — we like the familiar. ...
Vee Banionis

Ways to Publish your Digital Edition

6 min read

The rise of tablets and the digital age has brought with it a new avenue for publishing: digital editions of magazines. Many existing print publications are looking for the best avenue to keep existing readers interested while targeting a broader audience. While there are many ways to publish your digital edition, it can be overwhelming to choose the ...
Vee Banionis

How to Create an Online Magazine

7 min read

Developing an online publishing business is the perfect way to expand your reach and improve your visibility. However, creating an online magazine has its own unique set of considerations and differs substantially from your print magazine. It’s not as easy as replicating your existing print magazine and transforming it for the digital space. At Fl...
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