The Classic Digital Edition is a web application that helps you publish your online magazine in turn-page style (flipbook) format. It is ideal for publishing your online magazine when: You need to keep content formatted into pages You want to provide readers with a real magazine-like experience You want to sell ads by page area coverage and posi...
Vee Banionis

How to Create an Online Magazine

7 min read

Developing an online publishing business is the perfect way to expand your reach and improve your visibility. However, creating an online magazine has its own unique set of considerations and differs substantially from your print magazine. It’s not as easy as replicating your existing print magazine and transforming it for the digital space. At Fl...
Vee Banionis
Every business that focuses on building a digital presence must start with well planned and built website. The same goes for niche magazines and digital publications who are looking to build their brand identity and turn their business into a money-making machine. Unfortunately, there are so many niche magazine websites focusing on the wrong things or ...
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