10 Signs Your Magazine’s Design Needs Help

7 min read

Have you ever given thought to how your magazine design looks? Of course you have. You wouldn’t make it far as a publisher if you ignored such things. But giving it thought and getting it right can be two very different things. How can you be sure that your tastes line up with modern aesthetic and usability principles? Your magazine’s brand is far...

The What and When of the Modern Digital Edition

6 min read

The Modern Digital Edition is a web-app that helps you publish an online magazine in a beautiful and intuitive long-page layout that can be read by scrolling. If you are looking for the best readability for your digital edition, without having the user zoom in, this template is right for you! The Modern Digital Edition displays your website or an app ...
The Classic Digital Edition is a web application that helps you publish your online magazine in turn-page style (flipbook) format. It is ideal for publishing your online magazine when: You need to keep content formatted into pages You want to provide readers with a real magazine-like experience You want to sell ads by page area coverage and posi...
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