Vee Banionis
At the beginning of this year, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced that Facebook is going to reduce organic reach from brand pages. Instead, Facebook will focus on delivering posts from your friends, family and groups you’ve joined. Facebook notes that they have received feedback from the community that public content, posts from business...

Publication Design for Churches

7 min read

Most churches don’t think strategically about the design of their publication, however, it is an incredibly important element of any church communication plan that needs to be tactfully worked through. Having an effective design is crucial for your audience. Religion is always about helping people find their path and answer their questions, while ke...
Vee Banionis
Your beautiful digital edition is published. Now, you’ll want to understand how your readers consume your content. Analyzing your digital edition is essential for learning how your publication is performing. Are you attracting the right person? What path are they taking? Are you providing your audience the content they are looking for? Digital mag...
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