If you’ve been running a magazine or some other publication for a while, chances are that you have some great premium content, content that may be languishing in your archives. What are you doing with this content? Is it all published online? If so, is it published the right way, such that it benefits you? How much traffic does it generate? ...
We discussed how there are three viable methods for online magazine publication in one of our previous blog posts. One of the methods was to publish it using a flipbook software or service, but if you go this route, you’ll find that there are many different solutions and that it can be difficult to discern which is best for you. How do you choose the...

Back to Basics

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We work with print and digital publishers every day and I think we need to talk more about the benefits of digital publishing and why it’s worth taking that first step into the digital market. While the benefits of taking your print publication online are myriad, if I had to choose just one reason why the digital publi...
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