Vee Banionis
New publishers can be daunted with a dizzying sea of decisions and directions. Especially when trying to offer a highly usable, highly readable, interactive digital magazine experience. Print magazines still sell. But the growth market is clearly in digital display for the upcoming audience demographics. These challenges hold true for more establishe...
Vee Banionis
Does your digital magazine work on mobile devices? By work, I mean that it has great readability and user experience. Did you know that mobile internet users overtook desktop internet users in 2016? Digital publishing is one of the sectors where people want to consume content everywhere and anytime, on any device. Audiences are, in a way, very spoil...

10 Signs Your Magazine’s Design Needs Help

7 min read

Have you ever given thought to how your magazine design looks? Of course you have. You wouldn’t make it far as a publisher if you ignored such things. But giving it thought and getting it right can be two very different things. How can you be sure that your tastes line up with modern aesthetic and usability principles? Your magazine’s brand is far...
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