Actionable analytics for digital magazine

8min read

This weekend, I took my son to a birthday party in the playroom. Running behind him, I met an interesting guy who works with big data on the platform and we had a great discussion about collecting, analyzing, and translating data into actionable insights. This got me thinking about niche publishers and the many missed, unmonetized opportun...

Link tracking: why you need it and how to do it

7min read

I think the biggest advantages of the internet and digital content are the abilities to measure everything and analyze what works. Sounds good, but where do you start and how do you do it correctly? First of all, if you publish any digital content online, you need to track how it performs. Otherwise, how do you know if anybo...

Back to Basics

4min read

We work with print and digital publishers every day and I think we need to talk more about the benefits of digital publishing and why it’s worth taking that first step into the digital market. While the benefits of taking your print publication online are myriad, if I had to choose just one reason why the digital publi...

Tips and Tricks for Digital Magazine Analytics

6min read

Once your beautiful digital edition is published, you’ll want to understand how your readers consume your content. Analyzing your digital edition is essential for learning how your publication is performing. Are you attracting the right person? What path are they taking? Are you providing your audience the content they are looking for? ...
Real Time Analytics