Growing Your Magazine’s Email Subscriber List

6min read

Email marketing is by far the most effective way to monetize your magazine, but how do you use it to keep your subscriber list growing? It’s difficult to foresee if and when your mailing list’s retention rates will start to reduce, so what’s the right way to take control of it before it starts to shrink? How do you get more subscribers while keep...
Building an email list is a vital part of the business for any magazine publisher. It’s more than just building a list – it’s actually a relationship with your audience, one that allows you to gain a direct line of communication with them. Each person on your mailing list needs to get some personal attention, or at least feel like they do if you ...
It’s been said time and time again: print is dying. While print may be on the decline as digital resources increase, the print is definitely not dead. In fact, it will never die. It will carry on for the same reason we buy paperback books and go shopping at a store — we like the familiar. Some people like reading real pr...
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