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    Print to Digital: Extend your Print Magazine Online

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    Why is the transition from print to digital so difficult?

    It’s been said time and time again: print is dying. While print may be on the decline as digital resources increase, the print is definitely not dead. In fact, it will never die. It will carry on for the same reason we buy paperback books and go shopping at a store — we like the familiar.

    Transitioning from print to digital

    Some people like reading real printed magazines, while others prefer to consume content online. And, others are trying to be eco-friendly and don’t want to consume paper. While print magazines definitely aren’t dying, we do want you to be as successful as possible as a magazine publisher. That’s why it’s important to extend your reach with an effective digital presence and create an online magazine.

    We know that you’re already producing premium content, so why not take your high-quality content and reach a broader audience online? This will allow you to reap the benefits and generate more profit.​

    If you’re unsure of where to start, Flip180 Media can help. With our print to digital program, we’ve helped publishers seamlessly transition from print to digital in order to find new ways to monetize. With our program, we’ll help you develop a digital publishing strategy that pays dividends in the future. By outsourcing your digital publishing strategy, you’ll reach unlimited audiences around the world — without the headaches and hassle.

    Take a look at the benefits of transitioning your magazine from print to digital and see how Flip180 Media can help.

    Benefits of Going from Print to Digital

    If you have existing content or a print publication and want to reach new audiences, the number one way to do this is to go digital. Creating an online publication will help you:

    • Reach new audiences – you’ll have a new way to expand your audience and communicate with your customers.
    • Build stronger relations with readers – you’ll be able to reach and engage your audience faster by converting them to subscribers, social followers, and consistent website visitors.
    • Search engine traffic – you’ll be indexed by search engines and drive traffic to your website, giving you the ability to become a thought leader within your niche.
    • Value-added content – create additional, enriching content with interactive media, so even your existing print readers have a reason to visit your digital magazine.
    • Analytics – you’ll be able to track and measure your magazine’s performance.
    • Develop more monetization options:
      • Create more advertising options – digital content offers more advertising options such as hyperlinked content, videos, and other interactive media. You can check out some other ideas here.
      • Offer research services – with your digital edition, it will be easy to get direct user feedback, which will give you the ability to offer market research services to your advertisers.
      • Affiliate program – you can start an affiliate marketing program and choose the products and services you want to promote within your digital edition.
      • Email marketing – you’ll unlock direct marketing channel to your subscribers that can be used to engage your audience or use it form marketing.
      • Remarketing – you’ll be able to reach your digital magazine readers and subscribers within your magazine network and expand all over the internet.

    And the most importantly you’ll grow online as a publisher, which will make you stronger, more confident, and stable.

    Steps to Grow your Publishing Business by Going Digital​​

    At Flip180 Media, we will guide you through a tried-and-true process for seamlessly transitioning to the digital world. Together, we will:

    • Develop your digital publishing strategy
    • Choose your digital magazine revenue strategy
    • Create a high-performance magazine website
    • Reflow your publication and choose the right digital magazine format
    • Utilize digital marketing options
    • Attract new advertisers

    After a while you’ll notice that your workflow is a cyclical process which is designed to get you the results you desire:

    Market -> Get results -> Optimize -> Repeat

    We have a full program created that help print publishers extend or transition online to achieve unmatched growth, check it out here!

    How to Grow your Digital Audience Fast​​

    Once your digital edition is up and running, you’ll want to focus on driving traffic to your publication and growing your digital audience fast.

    At this stage in the process, it’s worth bringing a digital publishing expert on board to test new “growth hacking” strategies. For example, one of the most powerful methods to reach a new audience and attract your digital edition is by publishing your historical content — the issue archive.

    The issue archive is your key opportunity to integrate search engine optimization in order to get recognized by the top search engines so that your audience can find you. You’ll want to do deep keyword research on what people in your niche are looking for and then develop valuable, high-quality content regarding those subjects. During the content creation phase, it’s important to integrate short and long tail keywords into your content, including the title and metadata, in order to attract your audience and grow your following fast.

    It’s important to understand that search engine optimization is an ongoing process and one that truly never goes away. If you’re unsure of how to build an SEO strategy, it’s a good idea to speak with a digital marketing expert.

    How to Balance Between your Print & Digital Audiences​

    When you add-on a digital publication, you’ll have to figure out how to strike the best balance between your print and digital magazine audiences.

    One way to do this is to promote your magazine website in your print edition. This will engage your readers more often. We also recommend differentiating your content slightly in your digital magazine to encourage that audience to consume content on both platforms. For example, perhaps you have some free valuable content on your digital magazine like industry news, reports, and interactive media, which isn’t available for those that read your print magazine.

    You can also encourage your print audience to check out your digital edition by adding small information boxes within the articles that point to getting more information online. Think of a strong call to action like check out the video or download more information to drive your audience to your site.

    Another way to drive people to your digital magazine is to include a QR code within your print edition. This will allow your audience to find your website with ease.

    On your digital edition, you’ll want to do a bit of cross-promotion, and points your audience to your print edition for more information, too. You may even consider selling print edition subscriptions on your website or offering a special subscription pricing for print and digital combinations.

    Go Digital: Contact an Expert to Learn More about our Print to Digital Program

    If you’re interested in growing your business and making the transition from print to digital, Flip180 Media can help. Our team has a tried-and-true process that successfully takes your existing print magazine and transforms it for the digital space.

    We’ve created programs for the three various ways to publish your magazine online. Check out our different ways to publish your digital edition and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about our services.


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