Tips for periodical publishers


How to Design an Effective Business Brochure

16 min read

Has your organization created a killer brochure design that squashes objections and creates concrete leads? If not, you’re passing up a branding and marketing tool that your competitors may already be using while you gain traction. This post explains why your organization probably needs a business brochure design that can not only attract the e...
Vee Banionis

Above the Fold Web Design for Magazines

18 min read

The history of print magazines and newspapers created a critical sensitivity to the area “above the fold web design”. It was widely held (and still is) that the area up top was key to engaging initial interest.  This is obviously still central to newspaper layout. The front page story headline and image can mean the difference between picking up t...
Vee Banionis
What is multiplatform publishing for magazines? To answer that, first we have to ask what magazine publishers really want?  The typical answer to that is: subscribers, audience share, and revenue. There is only one clear way for a magazine publisher to grow and thrive in this new fast-paced, digital age, and that’s to go multiplatform. For so...
Vee Banionis
Web browser push notifications are nothing new, but many websites are still not using this key technology in their marketing. Whether you're a online magazine or product catalog site, browser notifications are becoming especially crucial to the online marketing mix for content creators and ecommerce, alike.  This post will explain all you need to...
Vee Banionis
People often ask me about how to market an online magazine. And I say different things to different publishers, depending upon what I know about their publication and marketing to date.  Obviously, it won't help to tell a publisher who's all over social media for the past 2 years that they need to understand the platforms. They probably do to ...
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