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    How to Hack Your Subscribers, Magazine Growth & Revenue!

    Is your magazine, catalog, annual report, or other periodical trying to grow more subscribers and revenue? Well, we can help with magazine growth. No, really!

    How? By sharing the secrets of the big publishers. That’s right. We’ve done our research with years of serving top clients and now have the goods to pass on to you. You know, the kinds of tips they would give if they were into giving away their success secrets – which they’re not!

    But no fear, we don’t mind helping scrappy newer periodicals because we know that their success rebounds back on us! Your magazine growth becomes our consulting and marketing growth. Your subscriber growth becomes our business development growth. We’re focused on helping you succeed as a periodical publisher, no matter what kind.

    We’re so excited to share this valuable information on how to grow a magazine. So much so, in fact, that we made an entire eBook out of it, entitled…

    The Ultimate Guide to Magazine Growth Hacks

    the utimate guide to digital magazine growth hacks by flip180 media

    This magazine growth hacks eBook covers…

    1. Who’s my real audience, anyway?
    2. Which format works for us?
    3. What about revenue?
    4. How to advertise on the cheap!
    5. Sneaky subscription-building tactics!
    6. How to plan a 12-month calendar!
    7. How to gain amazing authors!
    8. Which content strategy is best for our magazine?
    9. How to hook sample readers into subcribers!
    10. How to optimize your periodical’s marketing strategy!
    11. Diversifying your marketing materials easily!
    12. How to implement trackable, useful conversion funnels!
    13. Use omnichannel marketing like a publishing pro!
    14. Test multiple distribution methods for best magazine growth!
    15. How to make analytics work toward your future success!
    16. How to learn from your lessons and grow into a mature periodical!

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