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    How to Handle the Decline of Organic Facebook Reach

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    At the beginning of this year, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, announced that Facebook is going to reduce organic reach from brand pages. Instead, Facebook will focus on delivering posts from your friends, family and groups you’ve joined. Facebook notes that they have received feedback from the community that public content, posts from businesses, brands, and media, is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.

    If you’ve been managing a Facebook page over the past few years, you may have noticed a drop in how many fans have been viewing and engaging with your organic posts. So, what does this mean for online magazine publishers? How will it affect your marketing strategy?

    The Declining Organic Facebook Reach

    First of all, it’s a good thing in my view that Facebook organic reach is declining a bit as an expected situation. It just makes things more clear and logical. I think that it’s a good decision, overall.

    Every time you login to see your wall on Facebook, the platform is ready to show you about 1500 posts that might be relevant to you, you — as an average facebook user — only check about a hundred! That’s only 6.7%!

    From Facebook’s perspective, it’s simply not an ideal user experience to flood the News Feed with posts from brands. In an effort to keep you coming back for more, and to spend more time on the platform, Facebook wants you to see more images from real people in order to keep you engaged. Not only will this deliver more value to the average user, but it’s also beneficial for Facebook, as the stock will keep rising as more people utilize the platform.

    Paid Media on Facebook

    You’ll also notice a few paid posts, as advertisers pour their ad dollars into promoting their content and products. In fact, paid traffic on Facebook is not that expensive and it’s way more efficient – because you reach the people you want and focus on what you need from them. Trying to grow your audience by posting organically can be a time-consuming process. By promoting your content, you’ll speed up the process and grow exponentially – fast!

    How to Deal with Declining Organic Reach on Facebook

    If you are looking to grow your audience and presence on Facebook, you’ll have to put money behind your posts. Here are a few tips what you should stop doing, if you were still doing it and what you should focus on:

    What’s not worth doing any longer on Facebook:

    “Boost” Facebook posts without particular goals set

    If you are going to pay-to-play, it’s important to set goals and get your targeting right. This way, you can track what’s working and what’s not, then optimize accordingly.

    Advertise or pay to get people to like your page or have it as a main campaign objective

    “Like” campaigns are a thing of the past. We recommend promoting your content, which will naturally help get more people to like your page.

    Run contests on Facebook to get more likes

    Not only is this against Facebook rules and regulations, but it will also de-emphasize your page.

    What you should start doing or keep doing to reach your audience:

    Build your mailing list and be your own boss!

    This is a free direct marketing channel.

    Retarget to your audience

    If you already have an audience built in your mailing list made up of who likes your page, who has subscribed to your YouTube channel or who visited your website, you can use this list to retarget to your audience. This is a very affordable and efficient way to get in front of your audience. You can inform your audience about your new content, promotions, or even run campaigns for your advertisers. The more relevant the ad is to the people who see it, the cheaper the click is for you.

    Use “lookalike audiences” to reach new people

    You can target Facebook users who are similar to your customers. This shouldn’t be that difficult to guess what audiences your audience are similar to in interests. Think adjacent products and services, even socio-economic and political concerns.

    Advertise to new audiences on Facebook and Adwords

    Take some time defining your audience, goals, etc. If you’ll do it wisely, it’s not that expensive. But do your research. It pays.

    Influencer marketing

    Influencer marketing is getting big nowadays, but if you think about it you are the biggest influencer in your niche. No one understands your audience and goals better than you, and that is a powerful thing.

    Use instagram to build following

    Instagram and Facebook have the same ad platform and in many cases, you can replicate your ads that you would use on Facebook, on Instagram, reaching a larger audience.

    Create a group on Facebook

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