Vee Banionis

Link Tracking: Why It Matters & How to Do It

6 min read

Here it is: link tracking 101. Ready? One of the biggest advantages of the internet and digital content is the ability to measure everything. You can analyze what works and build on that. We all want to see results, right? Sounds great. But where do you start? And how do you do it correctly? If you publish any digital content online, you need to t...
Vee Banionis
Launching your online publication is an exciting time! But with that excitement comes lots of questions and decisions – especially after you’ve launched. These include questions like how to grow your audience or how to monetize a magazine like your own? Also, what types of tools are available to analyze the performance of your digital edition and w...
Vee Banionis
Your beautiful digital edition is published. Now, you’ll want to understand how your readers consume your content. Analyzing your digital edition is essential for learning how your publication is performing. Are you attracting the right person? What path are they taking? Are you providing your audience the content they are looking for? Digital mag...
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