Vee Banionis

Above the Fold Web Design for Magazines

18 min read

The history of print magazines and newspapers created a critical sensitivity to the area “above the fold web design”. It was widely held (and still is) that the area up top was key to engaging initial interest.  This is obviously still central to newspaper layout. The front page story headline and image can mean the difference between picking up t...
Vee Banionis
Is your magazine, catalog, annual report, or other periodical trying to grow more subscribers and revenue? Well, we can help with that. No, really!How? Well, by sharing the secrets of the big publishers. That's right. We've done our research with years of serving top clients and now have the goods to pass on to you. You know, the kinds of tips they wou...
Vee Banionis
After 14 years of running a magazine production company, I decided to take stock. Take stock of what? Well, specifically, to take stock of what I’ve learned about staying awake to layout design. In fact, I recently made this video all about it, for those who want to chomp and go. I get it. Time is scarce. [embed]
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