Vee Banionis

Is it Time to Redesign Your Magazine?

4 min read

When is it time to redesign a magazine? Maybe the question should be, "When is it ever a good time for a magazine redesign?"While it may not be a fun thing to contemplate, it can be fun if you approach it right. And a good opportunity to redesign your magazine may be whenever something wrong comes to the surface.The optimizing mind is a creative source...
Vee Banionis
Annual reports are not merely a company year in review. Annual reports are now being seen by corporations as a comprehensive marketing tool for business growth. They provide a channel for high-level business intelligence research to demonstrate company value. Moreover, annual reports provide a host of marketing possibilities for new derivative “offs...
Vee Banionis
Perhaps you can remember reading print magazines like Rolling Stone or Spin. Maybe fashion or business mags were your cup of tea. Maybe you subscribed to many magazines at one time or over the course of your life. Remember how much fun it could be? THAT is the sort of deep engagement your digital magazine needs online, but that means having all the ...
Vee Banionis

How to Create an Online Magazine in 2019

9 min read

"How can I create an online magazine website in 2019?"If you're here, chances are that's the burning question you have right now. Well, you came to the right blog post!An online magazine website is a great business model that can be very enjoyable to run and, of course, very profitable. In this post, we will list tasks in the chronological order that w...
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