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    Publishing 101: Back to Basics

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    We work with print and digital publishers every day. I think we all probably need to talk more often about the benefits of digital publishing.  There is a reason it’s worth taking that first step into the digital market. Here are some basics that can double as publishing tips.

    Publishing tips: the basics

    The benefits of taking your print publication online are myriad. That said, if I had to choose just one reason why the digital publication is beneficial for your business, it would be the fact that everything can be tracked and analyzed.

    That’s truly the best part. From the moment that you put your print magazine online, you can start to measure how it performs. Just think for a moment how powerful that is. Knowing exactly what works (and, just as importantly, what doesn’t work) allows you to focus on what’s actually having a positive effect so you can maximize its benefit.

    When it comes to gauging the effectiveness of your print publication, you have to resort to costly, time-consuming, and subjective customer surveys. With a digital publication, you get your data cheaply, instantly, and, best of all, it’s all objective.

    Digital has changed the publishing “basics”

    There are a lot of great publishers who come to us with years of professional publishing, journalistic, and editorial experience. While they’re undeniably experts in the field, they think in “print” standards. We get it. The best magazines out there all started as print. Rolling Stone. Vogue. Time Magazine. Newsweek. We think like digital marketers and IT professionals, on the other hand.

    Print and digital are merging

    As such, we can sometimes forget that there’s a knowledge gap between the world of print and digital publications. While we’re thinking in terms of links tracking, online campaigns, and translating print dimensions into pixels, our traditional print clients may be lost.

    This is no one’s fault. It’s simply that print and digital publications require different considerations if you want to succeed.

    I’m bringing this subject up in the interest of better communication between you, our client, and us, your digital publication design team. The devil’s in the details, after all.  Miscommunication can stall progress, destroy opportunities, and impede the success of your digital publication.

    We want to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds, to elucidate the differences in order to bring them both closer together.

    In the interest of accomplishing this, some of our future posts will take us back to the very basics of digital publishing so that we can make sure that we’re all on the same page. Because in the publishing industry, whether print or digital, that’s where we all want to be.

    If you’re interested in this topic, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve got an entire series planned. If you don’t want to miss any these publishing tips, consider subscribing to our blog. Or simply check out our “digital publishing basics” tag to sort for this particular subject matter.


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