Magazine layout design mistakes: White Space

15min read

I decided to make a podcast about the 3 most common mistakes in magazine design and how to solve them. In order to find these mistakes and give you more value, we needed to find somebody who is a real geek in magazine layout design and typography, someone with an almost scientific approach. Luckily, we found Eugen. He’s from Luxemburg and he’s just...

How to Create an Online Magazine in 2018

12min read

An online magazine is a great business model that can be very enjoyable to run and, of course, very profitable. In this post, we will list tasks in the chronological order that will build a successful magazine faster, so let’s get straight to the point and create an online magazine from the ground up. Creating a plan for y...

Actionable analytics for digital magazine

8min read

This weekend, I took my son to a birthday party in the playroom. Running behind him, I met an interesting guy who works with big data on the platform and we had a great discussion about collecting, analyzing, and translating data into actionable insights. This got me thinking about niche publishers and the many missed, unmonetized opportun...
Does your digital magazine work on mobile devices? By work, I mean that it has great readability and user experience. Did you know that mobile internet users overtook desktop internet users in 2016? Digital publishing is one of the sectors where people want to consume content everywhere and anytime, on any device. Audiences ...

Growing Your Magazine’s Email Subscriber List

6min read

Email marketing is by far the most effective way to monetize your magazine, but how do you use it to keep your subscriber list growing? It’s difficult to foresee if and when your mailing list’s retention rates will start to reduce, so what’s the right way to take control of it before it starts to shrink? How do you get more subscribers while keep...
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