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    5 Digital Magazine UX Tips to Grow & Rock a Magazine!

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    5 Tips to Grow and Rock a Digital Magazine [Woman reading magazine]

    Are you an old school magazine publisher? Do digital magazine UX tips sound to you like a menu item at a TGI Friday’s?

    Perhaps you can remember reading print magazines like Rolling Stone or Spin. Maybe fashion or business mags were your cup of tea. Maybe you subscribed to many magazines at one time or over the course of your life. Remember how much fun it could be?

    THAT is the sort of deep engagement your digital magazine needs online, but that means having all the bells and whistles that make digital essential.

    In this short video, I go into 5 incredibly important digital magazine UX tips that can focus your reader’s user experience and put you at the top of your digital magazine game in much the way that arcade games, baseball cards, a bottled coke and a print copy of Rolling Stone once did for the print generations.

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    In this special Digital Magazine UX Tips video:

    1. Responsive magazine website design
    2. Why magazine paywalls matter (and the 3 types you need to know)
    3. How to see your issue navigation
    4. TOC (table of contents) Accessibility 101
    5. Keep the magazine tradition alive (we’ll explain this one, don’t worry)

    I also address some bonus tips, like why and how deep-linking, “shareability”, and CTA should all be fully user optimized to make each magazine issue 100% accessible, shareable, and easily-referenced.

    If you like the video, or have questions, feel free to put them in the comments below. I actually answer ALL my blog comments!

    Also, feel free to check out our other articles and the info on our digital magazine design services.


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