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We know how you feel about good magazine layout and marketing. It’s like water. Without it, the magazine doesn’t grow! Growing your periodical takes perseverance, but without the right hacks, let’s face it, it’s just walking blind.

We baked up this tasty, easy-to-consume guide for new and struggling periodicals looking to grow subscribers and revenue.

ebook 1

Who can benefit:

  • product catalog publishers
  • services brochure publishers
  • magazine publishers
  • company annual report teams
  • newsletter marketing teams

What you’ll learn:

  • How to see your layout design with fresh eyes 
  • Which channels you should be using
  • How to do multichannel right
  • What distribution methods pay off
  • Sneaky jedi mind tricks to get new subscribers
  • Funnel hacks that work
  • Which metrics to follow 
  • Engage the reader where they are, anywhere!
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ebook 3

What you’ll learn to stop doing:

  • Relying on that one (wrong) channel
  • Waiting for the subscriber to “discover” you “naturally” without a plan
  • Trying to compete with big competitors on their home turf
  • Ignoring your own most crucial marketing metrics
  • Paying excessively for advertising to solve your marketing for you
ebook 3
WARNING: Getting the eBook is just the start. You’ll need to share it with your team, absorb it, debate it, and then implement it.
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