A crowd of people living life normally again, illustrating covid-19 resources for small businesses

What if your local city council, SBA and Chamber of Commerce chapters had more advanced COVID-19 resources for small businesses to rebuild the local economy with a fast-track program that focuses on helping businesses to help themselves and thus regain their original stride? Now there is such a program, from Flip180 LLC, a magazine design company with a vision.

Town Life Magazine Program™

Introducing the Town Life Magazine Program:

Flip180 LLC cares about people and local businesses. The Town Life Magazine Program allows local municipal governments to reliably bolster their town’s downtown/uptown/crosstown cultural experience and the local economy at the same time, with a professional magazine that can effectively connect businesses, residents and events and local spirit with city planning, budgets and economic goals. This gives direction to many struggling local economies by helping to organize your comeback with reliable help, guidance and support from Flip180 LLC.

Features & Benefits*:

  • Bolster an existing local cultural magazine with expert, reduced-rate help!
  • Or create a new magazine to help your local economy recover!
  • Free publisher info packet on how to quickly and easily:
    • Trademark your town’s new magazine name
    • Get your new periodical ISNN numbers
    • Get your magazine indexed by the Library of Congress!
  • Get 3 mo. free guidance consulting on: 
    • Cover and layout design
    • Magazine structure
    • New magazine features 
    • Seasonal special events
    • Content flowing
  • Take advantage of our exclusive 360UX™ platform to engage prospects better 
    • Responsive across all popular devices
    • Voice assistant-ready
  • Get updates at a reduced rate after the 1st 3 months on :
    • Monthly and special events
    • Cover design, graphic and layout design
    • Content flowing
  • Free monthly hosting & system updates for the 1st 3 months!


*Annual contract required for discounted rates after the 1st 3 mo period is over. Production toward requested/approved deliverables must be paid for, but at the currently-educed program rate. The Town Life Magazine Program is just one of our current covid-19 resources for small businesses. 

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