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If you already have existing high-quality content, adding a digital version to your print publication is the easiest way to grow your business. By transitioning from print to digital, you can use your current content, along with a solid digital marketing strategy, to find new opportunities to monetize.

With our print to digital extension or transition program, you can take full advantage of your existing content to access a broader audience and scale quickly. This program delivers the framework you need to reach unlimited audiences around the world — all without headaches or hassle.

Print to digital extension or transition program

Designed specifically for print publishers that want to go digital.

Simply provide us with your PDF file and we do ALL the rest!

If you have existing content and want to grow your business and reach new audiences, then the print to digital extension or transition program is for you.

We know exactly what publishers are looking for and we’ve been exceeding those high expectations for years. With our personalized program that’s tailored to your publication’s exact specifications, we’ll make your transition from print to digital easy while also expanding your reach and improving your ROI.

See how you can stand out from the competition with a powerful digital presence:

  • You’ll have a new way to expand your audience and communicate with your customers.
  • You’ll save paper and become more eco-friendly.
  • You’ll be able to analyze the important reader behavior stats from your various publications.
  • You’ll be able to reach unlimited audiences around the world.
  • You’ll find more ways to amplify your reach through audio, video, or even augmented reality.
  • You’ll have more monetization options than ever before.
  • You’ll be able to get in front of new audiences faster.
  • You’ll be able to launch and test new products quicker.
Simply provide your .pdf file and we do ALL the rest!

We help periodical publishers achieve unmatched growth.

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Interactive Approach: From print to digital

Unleash new potential: start digital. Here are a few considerations when transitioning to a digital edition.

New Threats & Opportunities

  • Digital competitors
  • Niche attractiveness
  • Print edition value
  • Digitally-focused readers
  • Digitally-focused advertisers
  • Business development opportunities
  • Eco-friendly option

Excitement & New Challenges

  • Niche market analysis
  • Digital transformation plan
  • Gather the appropriate tools
  • Digital marketing options
  • Transform print or create new digital edition
  • Develop your brand’s digital presence
  • Build interactive content

Start today!

Our digital publishing technology helps publishers increase the value of their print content, promote offers and incentives, and create a digital distribution network.

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What’s in the program?

As your in-house partner, we work closely with your editors and advertisers.

Today’s digital experience demands that content is easily accessible on every device at any time. Our team is dedicated to making your digital program a success. See how our program provides you with new opportunities to reach out and communicate with your customers.



Digital transformation strategy

Audience strategy

Content marketing

Revenue strategy



Create a website

Design your publication

Choose digital format

Track reader behavior



Utilize digital marketing options

Email marketing

Digital subscribers list

New advertisers


Today’s competitive marketplace requires that you have a comprehensive digital strategy. With our proven and successful framework, we will help you create a long-term strategy for both your print and digital editions. Here’s how we can help:
  • Digital transformation strategy – Create a thoughtful strategy with a hand-picked blend of tactics in order to drive strategic growth for your publication business.
  • Audience strategy – Find and target the right audience and then develop a multi-channel approach.
  • Content marketing – Get the maximum value by optimizing your existing content and funneling your audience to the right channels.
  • Revenue strategy – With our help, you’ll save time, money, and the hassle of coming up with new pricing models for new advertising opportunities.


Digital publishing is a powerful platform that allows you to measure and make improvements in real-time. By going digital, you’ll bring your publishing business major improvements to both online and offline assets. Along with providing custom digital strategies, we’ll see things through to implementation to ensure your success.
  • Create a website – Our team will build a website for you that engages visitors and converts them to subscribers.
  • Design your publication – We’ll transform your existing print publication to exceed the expectations of today’s digital content consumer.
  • Choose your digital format – We’ll help you understand the various digital content formats and find the right one for your target audience.
  • Track reader behavior – We’ll implement intelligent tracking to help you understand how users interact with your publication. Then, you can take steps to improve upon its performance.


With personalized digital marketing solutions, you’ll grow your digital publishing business, utilize more revenue channels, and even build new products.

  • Utilize digital marketing options – With a custom blend of digital marketing tactics, you’ll utilize the most effective marketing solutions to reach new audiences and create meaningful connections.
  • Email marketing – Target customers on demand with the most affordable and effective marketing method.
  • Digital subscribers list – Build and grow your digital subscribers list and watch your conversions and revenue soar.
  • Gain new advertisers – Understand, promote, and implement a new range of digital advertising options.

Make the first move

Your audience is out there and they’re waiting for you to make the first move. Not sure where to begin? We’ll help you break the ice with a proven and successful kickstart program that will bring customers to you.

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Results you can count on

When it comes to creating an effective digital publishing strategy, customization is key. Find out how we can help your publication reach its true potential.

  • Emphasis on optimization – We’ll provide you with new opportunities to make your publication a success online.
  • Search Engine Friendly Publication – From on- to off-page SEO, we provide a holistic approach to search engine optimization that drives traffic to your publication.
  • Global audience availability – Break down the geographical barriers with digital publishing and reach readers all over the world.
  • Flexible distribution – Gives you the ability to connect with your target audience and broadcast your message through multiple online channels.
  • Responsive & reliable access on all devices – In order to be successful, digital publications must be dynamic. With our system, they can be instantly accessed and consumed on tablets, smartphones, and other digital publication platforms — anywhere and anytime.
  • Interactive features installation – Integrate interactive features to improve the reader’s experience.
  • Increase your reader base – Attract new audiences, expand your reach, and amplify your content. As the popularity of your publication increases, so does your reach.
  • Grow your publication – Leverage and grow your publication after integrating your digital marketing strategy.
  • Add value for advertisers – Find more ad positions and reach your target audience faster.
  • New revenue streams – Take advantage of new advertising forms on your publishing network and email marketing.
  • Eco-friendly – Promote the eco-friendly factor of your digital publication to win over new readers and advertisers.
  • Scalability – Monitor and measure what’s working to continually improve upon your publication and scale quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Did not get what you were looking for? Here are more questions answered.

Should I simply replicate my print edition to a digital one?

While you can do this, it’s not the best practice to publish your magazine online exactly as it appeared in print. Instead, we recommend a digital overhaul that’s optimized to read and function online.

That said, if your budget doesn’t allow for a redesign, we offer the more affordable and straightforward Classic Digital Edition. For this option, all we need is your magazine in a PDF file and we can have your publication online the very next day. This is a great temporary solution to quickly and affordably get your publication online, but, again, we strongly recommend that you reflow your print edition for digital publication.

How do you attract a new digital audience after converting from print?

There are a number of ways to attract a new digital audience. Some of the more effective ways include:

  • Advertising (instant and highly scalable audience development method)
  • Publishing your print issue archive (helps create a body of content that search engines find attractive)
  • Publish to popular digital newsstands, which opens your digital publication to highly-trafficked marketplaces, such as Google Play, the Apple Apps store, Amazon, and others.
  • Develop a multi-publishing network and start serving your niche with new products, such as community forums, directories, job boards, YouTube channels, etc.

Are there any methods to start monetizing earlier?

Yes, there are actually two common methods to monetize earlier: (1) affiliate marketing and (2) the Google AdSense network.

Affiliate marketing is a conversion-based marketing model whereby you sell other people’s products related to your niche and then get paid per sale.

Google AdSense is an ad network wherein you register your website or publication and it starts feeding you different ads. In this model, you get paid per the number of clicks rather than per sale.

What methods do you employ to convert my print magazine into a digital format?

There are two methods we commonly employ to digitize your print magazine.

A replica edition is similar to the print edition of your publication. In fact, the whole design process for the replica edition is very similar to designing your publication for print. We work on US Letter or A4 paper size per page, adjusting the content to look good when printed in actual size and inserting advertisements that are sold by size. However, what’s different from the print process is that we include fields for interactive elements, which are integrated into the replica edition seamlessly. These interactive elements can include links, videos, slideshows, and more, all of which can make your content more vibrant and engaging for your readers.

This is an effective and affordable way to publish your publication in both print and digital editions.

See the replica edition option in action.

This may be the best solution for your publishing business, but there are some disadvantages to keep in mind. Foremost among these disadvantages are readability issues across differing devices and screen sizes. While this option displays well on a desktop monitor, mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, are generally smaller than the printed page this option is based off of.

Fortunately, our next method solves this problem and makes the reading experience better for your digital audience.

A Reflow edition verhauls your print edition like nothing else. By utilizing responsive content that looks appealing on every screen size without having to zoom, a reflow edition doesn’t have to take the viewing devices of your audience into account. While a reflow edition is often the best bet for transitioning your print content into digital, your layout and design must be created anew due to font considerations. Because the best size for reading varies from 14px to 16px, your digital publication will likely not fit on the exact same number of pages as your print version.

At Flip180 Media, we believe that it’s very important to preserve as many pages in your publication as possible in order to maximize the opportunities to sell ads by page (versus by click) so as to, ultimately, generate more revenue for you.

See it in action: reflow edition double page and reflow edition single page.

You may want to pursue a reflow edition if you’re running a digital-only publication. It’s also a great way to add extra value to your print version’s digital edition

What’s the best format for sending my content to production teams?

We prefer it when text content with hyperlinks is delivered as a .doc file, images as either .jpg or .png files, and video as .mp4 files.

The best way to send your content to the production team is via a Cloud service that can hold the above files. We prefer Google Drive or Dropbox exchange files.

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