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We handle magazine layout design services for print and digital publications directly and as the “secret sauce” for larger agencies.

High quality content is the most important aspect of any publishing business, but a winning creative strategy is what fuels publication growth. In order to generate such a strategy, a great magazine design is necessary. It’s how you can turn your content into a product that can be marketed and monetized. At Flip180 Media, we have a team of experienced publication designers who have been designing beautiful publications since 2009. We’re a magazine layout design services company that specializes in all of the diverse arts of remote design, digital production, publication, distribution, and omnichannel marketing.

Good design makes great content

Why do I need Flip180 as my remote magazine design and production team?

A professionally designed magazine will help tell a compelling story. It engages readers, and positively influences consumer behavior. Our deep experience in periodical design for print and digital leads the field.

Good design makes the content easier to comprehend and brands the content consumer in your favor. Our professional magazine designers will help you to identify your organizational design needs and goals, allowing you to  win the trust of your readers through superior UX and enjoyable experiences.


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From content to creation in 10 steps

We combine our industry knowledge with our marketing and design skills to create a professional print or digital magazine that outperforms the rest. Here’s a glimpse into our proven and effective process:

Annual report design on an iPad

Understand your niche.

We always start with niche analysis so that we can fully understand what your publishing business offers, the content you create, and the terminology, audience, and competitors within your industry.


Plan for the long-term.

As an experienced magazine design company, before starting the design of the magazine, we like to help create a long-term content plan.

When planning, we have to decide how the magazine is going to be published. The most common ways to publish are of course the print edition format, the classic style flipbook format, and the modern style magazine format. 

Learn more about each edition here.


Prioritize your content.

Your content should be king. In our process, therefore, our magazine design services pros put your content first. When it comes to creating a high-quality print or digital magazine design, prioritizing the content yields the best results. Our expert designers will work with you to understand your content in an effort to amplify your message as we transition it to digital. Since we’re specialists like you, we appreciate that your niche publication is unique and that you have unique business needs and goals.


Focus on readability.

Since our main focus is your content, we put all our efforts into creating a clean and beautiful design that’s meant to showcase it. We ensure that your content is not only easy to read in any format — web, mobile, or print — but also a joy to read for your audience.


Brand consistently.

Creating an identifiable and cohesive look and feel for your magazine can only help to build your brand further. As part of our process, our professional magazine designers will build a brand book for each magazine brand you own and keep it up-to-date as we work together with you.


Design responsively to engage.

Digital magazines must be readable and responsive on every device. To this end, our professional magazine designers create high-quality designs that work well on every screen size so that every one of your readers gets the best experience possible.


Impress your readers.

Digitally published editions can bring more value to your readers, adding dynamic interactive layers such as videos, animated images, special effects, and other interactive media. Impress your audience by freeing your magazine from static print layouts.


Insist on responsive communication.

We understand that publishing a periodical magazine can be quite stressful, but having us as your partner will give you a boost of confidence. We’ll work with your editorial staff to deliver the first design beta and go through the proofing process as many times as needed until the final version is approved.


Interact with your audience.

Well-designed digital magazines offer dynamic elements that the reader can interact with. Feedback forms, voting polls, and even games can be added to capture reader information — or just make reading your publication more fun and engaging!

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Ensure prompt delivery.

We respect your busy schedule and deliver a link to each issue at least a day before the blast date. We also offer 24/7 support if last minute changes arrive to help maintain close relationships with sponsors and advertisers.

Publish your newly designed magazine online within a month

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I receive emails on a regular basis that speak to the quality of the designs of our magazine. The people that we work with are always over the moon in regard to how articles appear. We are receiving more than double the amount of traffic coming through our site as a result of the redesigned e-reader. Flip180 serves as more of a partner as opposed to being just a service provider. They’re always ahead of the curve in terms of digital publishing. It’s more than apparent that they are educating themselves constantly on digital publishing trends. It’s just great to know that they have our best interests at heart.

Abbe Miller

Editor-in-Chief at Techgen Media Group.

When I get to see the final result, I am always amazed, because it looks extremely professional, even though it is very easy to work with. I think this is a perfect example of a modern, minimalistic design which is trending now. The company is always offering up-to-date products, and this simply which shows their experience and skills in the digital publishing field. Thank you, it’s always a pleasure to work with you.

Victoria A

Content writter

Flip180 has an exceptional design team. They are meticulous in their attention to detail and always meet our proposed deadlines. Aesthetically speaking, Sarunas and Vee have a great eye for graphics and always manage to incorporate stylistically-appropriate images for our quarterly magazines. The finished product is impressive! We are happy to recommend their services.

Liz Amato

Vice President of International Digital and Social Media Content for the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Get supplemental or full-service layout assistance

Do you have an in-house design team or do you outsource your design needs? Do you need help from an outside team to make your publication better with some design tips or guidebook creation? The team at Flip180 Media can help you either as an external design consultant or by joining your team and remotely assuming all magazine design work.

As leaders in the online and print magazine design services industry since 2009, our company has the expertise to propel your publication to the top and we always deliver on time. Our magazine design process allows us to assign as many team members as needed to complete magazines on time without compromising quality — even on the most rushed releases.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Did not get what you were looking for? Here are more questions answered.

Should I simply convert my print edition to a PDF?

While you can do this, it’s not the best practice to publish your magazine online exactly as it appeared in print. Instead, we recommend a digital overhaul that’s optimized to read and function online.

That said, if your budget doesn’t allow for a redesign right now, that’s no a problem. We offer the more affordable and straightforward Classic Digital Edition. For this option, all we need is your magazine in a PDF file and we can have your publication online the very next day.

A Classic Digital Edition is an easy temporary solution to quickly and affordably get your publication online, but, again, we strongly recommend that you reflow your print edition for digital publication when you’re ready to deal with that.

When is the time to design a VUI for my website?

VUI stands for voice user interface. This is a layer that allows your readers to find and listen to your periodical content via a skill on Alexa and other emerging services.

When should you consider starting your VUI?

  1. When your organization is a periodical or puts out one or more periodicals that are crucial to your organizational goals
  2. OR you publish content frequently
  3. OR you have a blog you feel passionate about

For more information, see our VUI design service page.

What methods do you employ to convert a print magazine into a digital format?

There are two methods we commonly employ to digitize your print magazine.

A replica edition is similar to the print edition of your publication. In fact, the whole design process for the replica edition is very similar to designing your publication for print. We work on US Letter or A4 paper size per page, adjusting the content to look good when printed in actual size and inserting advertisements that are sold by size. However, what’s different from the print process is that we include fields for interactive elements, which are integrated into the replica edition seamlessly. These interactive elements can include links, videos, slideshows, and more, all of which can make your content more vibrant and engaging for your readers.

This is an effective and affordable way to publish your publication in both print and digital editions.

See the replica edition option in action.

This may be the best solution for your publishing business, but there are some disadvantages to keep in mind. Foremost among these disadvantages are readability issues across differing devices and screen sizes. While this option displays well on a desktop monitor, mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, are generally smaller than the printed page this option is based off of.

Fortunately, our next method solves this problem and makes the reading experience better for your digital audience.

A reflow edition overhauls your print edition like nothing else. By utilizing responsive content that looks appealing on every screen size without having to zoom, a reflow edition doesn’t have to take the viewing devices of your audience into account. While a reflow edition is often the best bet for transitioning your print content into digital, your layout and design must be created anew due to font considerations. Because the best size for reading varies from 14px to 16px, your digital publication will likely not fit on the exact same number of pages as your print version.

At Flip180 Media, we believe that it’s very important to preserve as many pages in your publication as possible in order to maximize the opportunities to sell ads by page (versus by click) so as to, ultimately, generate more revenue for you.

See them in action:

NOTE: You may want to pursue a reflow edition if you’re running a digital-only publication. It’s also a great way to add extra value to your print version’s digital edition

What’s the best format for sending content to production teams?

We often hear this question: What’s the best format for sending content to production teams?

Our answer: The best way to send your content to the production team is via a Cloud service that can hold the above files. We prefer Google Drive or Dropbox exchange files.

Caveat: We prefer text content with hyperlinks to be delivered as a .doc file, images as either .jpg or .png files, and video as .mp4 files.

If we’re currently working on your magazine, don’t be shy, contact us with an invitation to view, download and edit your docs here.

Amaze readers with a professionally designed issue next month!

We’d love to know how we can help! Reach out to us and Vee Banionis, the founder of Flip180 Media, will follow up with you to learn more about your digital publishing goals. We’ll help you to find the digital solution that works for you!

From concept to creation. Publish your first digital edition within a month.

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