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Lead generation is a good way for a client and agency to build trust. For pre-qualifying businesses, these follower-building and list-building services allow us to get to know your business, your niche, and then follow up with more complex publishing and marketing services that can take over from where your following leaves off. Lead generation should always be a first stop on your marketing journey, because it pays to understand what kind of leads you can generate early on, and then keep doing it right.

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Lacking leads due to poor or no lead generation? It’s not easy getting 100% real, organically-derived followers and email subscribers relevant to your niche. Proper LeadGen requires deep penetration into both niche and business goals. We provide this for new clients needing to create an authentic social following. And unlike many out there, we don’t overcharge for this introductory-level service.

Why do we offer this service for newer publisher clients so cheap? Because we feel lead generation services are the perfect way to get to know your business before tackling more difficult areas like design, content, or deep-end digital marketing services. It builds up your available leads, creates better response for your campaigns by virtue of more qualified eyeballs, and allows you to focus on your core business.

We also offer a premium version of our LeadGen services. So if you try it, but want to get more leads each month, we can help you with that for an additional add-on charge. The more genuinely interested social followers you accumulate, the more leads your publication has to convert into paying subscribers.

LeadGen Services:

Traffic-building services
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Follower-building services
Twitter follower-building
Instagram follower-building
Facebook follower-building (for advanced LeadGen clients only)
LinkedIn follower-building (for advanced LeadGen clients only)
Email list-building services
Email list-building
Marketing-qualified email lead automation configuration
Email copywriting
Email graphic design
CTA, opt-in & funnel design
Lead-focused analytics optimization (advanced)
A/B, multivariate & redirect testing
Social engagement campaigns (if 5K+ authentic followers)
Social follower list-cleaning (5K+ follower profiles only)
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Completing the puzzle of LeadGen is the beginning of seeing the path to your business goals clearly. Without completely exploring each online channel, LeadGen will always be a cloudy terrain. Email, SEO and ads alone are simply not the full picture in today’s Web. Taking social media seriously can mean the difference between leaping ahead…or falling behind.

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