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With the right digital marketing strategy and tools, your publishing business can achieve unsurpassed growth. For publishers, however, creating a digital marketing strategy can be difficult. Of course you want to get more visitors to your site, but it’s more than that — you want to get the right visitors, the ones that are primed and ready to convert.

As your partner, Flip180 Media will help you discover new opportunities to drive business with custom-tailored marketing strategies, which will help you to better engage readers and to drive up overall circulation.

Why is it essential to implement digital marketing into your business strategy?

Today’s competitive marketplace demands that you have a comprehensive online strategy that includes multiple channels. If you’re not reaching your readers digitally, your publishing business simply won’t survive. Digital marketing gives you the ability to reach a broader audience, drive more people to your content, increase ROI, and build better relationships with your readers.

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At Flip180 Media, we’ll work with you to set clear strategic goals for what you want to achieve online in terms of gaining new customers or building deeper relationships with existing ones. After analyzing your existing business, we’ll help you create a digital marketing strategy that builds more awareness for your brand and drives results.

By leveraging digital marketing tools, including search engine optimization, social media, and web analytics alongside our specialized expertise, we can help you drive highly-targeted traffic that delivers the results you desire.

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How does it work?

We create a customized digital marketing plan for you based on your business’s goals. Then we execute the plan on a monthly basis. Our proven process for success contains three critical components:

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Attract More Prospects
Drive people to your website through content marketing (blogging), email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click marketing (PPC), and social media.
Convert More Leads
Once your have more traffic to your website, you need a site that’s highly specialized for converting visitors. We’ll help you convert more leads through irresistible downloadable content offers (such as ebooks), lead nurturing emails, A/B testing, and compelling videos.
Close More Sales
We empower your sales team with new tools and data to help them close more leads and drive better sales.
How we do it

We use a highly specialized approach when tackling your digital marketing strategy. By utilizing a number of specific digital marketing tactics, we’ve designed a holistic approach so that you can watch your conversions and revenue soar.

Search engine optimization
PPC Advertising
Social media
Email marketing
Multichannel publishing
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Search engine optimization

Get found on top search engines, including Google and Bing, so that your current readers can easily find your publication and new readers can discover it.

From on-page to off-page SEO and more, we have the tools and experience to deliver results. Our personalized plans target the customers you want most, whether they’re local, national, or worldwide, regardless of the device they use.

Your personalized and holistic SEO strategy will help you:
Increase visibility with your target audience.
Increase traffic to your site.
Increase brand recognition and identity.
Dominate your competitors.
Drive a higher return on investment.
Improve user experience through technical excellence.

Flip180 Media focuses on providing smarter content coupled with a long-term strategy that provides growth over time. Our results-driven mentality is what sets us apart from others in our industry.

PPC advertising

Through highly-targeted pay-per-click campaigns, you’ll receive a growing return on your investment quickly.

When you want new business fast, Google and Facebook Ads can bring it. Instead of wasting your money on useless paid clicks, invest in a smart, targeted campaign.

By partnering with us, you’ll receive:
Fast, scalable results within your budget
Measurable results to guide better decision making
A highly-customized campaign that reaches the right audience
Growing brand recognition
An effective strategy for local search
Rich functionality and reporting
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Magazine webiste marketed via guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing

Focuses on low-cost, unconventional marketing tactics to yield maximum results. In order to have the most effect, guerilla marketing relies on everyday situations. These marketing campaigns aim to strike the consumer at a memorable level for an extreme impact. Since guerilla marketing requires out-of-the-box ideas, it will help your brand go viral within a short timespan.

With help from Flip180 Media, you’ll:
Develop a memorable experience
Create a loyal following and customer base
Build partnerships


Remarketing to your potential readers can be highly effective.

When you partner with us, we’ll help you setup a highly-targeted remarketing campaign based on your business goals and the types of customers you’d like to reach.

With our tailored remarketing ad strategies, you’ll appeal to visitors who didn’t convert the first time. This cost-effective solution can pull those readers back into the funnel and encourage them again to convert.

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Social media

Your audience is waiting online and social media is the new “word of mouth” for consumers. Social media can be affordable, scalable, and extremely effective. We’ll show you how to get the community talking about your brand and encourage community growth over time.

With the help of our experienced social media consultants, we’ll help you:
Build brand awareness
Create a loyal social media following
Develop customer-oriented content
Post content on multiple channels
Build direct contact via messenger to deliver updates

Email marketing

Target customers on demand with effective email marketing. Our email marketing solutions help you to automate your marketing communications based on behavior, nurture leads, and retarget lost prospects.

Compared to new marketing tactics like social media, email marketing may seem like it’s on the way out, but that’s simply not the case! Email is still more affordable and is the most effective marketing method. Every business should make an effort to leverage the raw power of an email marketing campaign.

By partnering with Flip180 Media, you’ll:
Target prospects with a data-driven strategy
Increase brand recognition & engage your audience
Improve brand loyalty
Drive successful leads
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Magazine website found through multichannel marketing

Multichannel publishing

Reach new audiences by publishing your content in popular marketplaces, such as Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon, and others. Our multichannel publishing service is an affordable and effective way to reach new and unexpected audiences.

Grow your online magazine with a robust marketing strategy.
Our team will create, manage, and deliver a top-performing digital marketing strategy for your online magazine. We know what works today and we are ready to set for success.

Extend existing digital marketing strategy

If you fail to capitalize on the most profitable marketing techniques, your publishing business is missing out on valuable leads. Our proven methods and tactics have helped our many clients grow and take their businesses to the next level. We take the time to understand your business, evaluate your existing resources, and to create a strategy to fulfill your commercial objectives.

At Flip180 Media, we provide custom strategies for publishers who want to win. We’ll set you up for long-term success, so you can stop wasting time on dead end efforts.

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What people say about us
I receive emails on a regular basis that speak to the quality of the designs of our magazine. The people that we work with are always over the moon in regard to how articles appear. We are receiving more than double the amount of traffic coming through our site as a result of the redesigned e-reader. Flip180 serves as more of a partner as opposed to being just a service provider. They're always ahead of the curve in terms of digital publishing. It's more than apparent that they are educating themselves constantly on digital publishing trends. It's just great to know that they have our best interests at heart.

Abbe Miller

Editor-in-Chief at Techgen Media Group.

When I get to see the final result, I am always amazed, because it looks extremely professional, even though it is very easy to work with. I think this is a perfect example of a modern, minimalistic design which is trending now. The company is always offering up-to-date products, and this simply which shows their experience and skills in the digital publishing field. Thank you, it's always a pleasure to work with you.

Victoria A

Content writter

Flip180 has an exceptional design team. They are meticulous in their attention to detail and always meet our proposed deadlines. Aesthetically speaking, Sarunas and Vee have a great eye for graphics and always manage to incorporate stylistically-appropriate images for our quarterly magazines. The finished product is impressive! We are happy to recommend their services.

Liz Amato

Vice President of International Digital and Social Media Content for the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Flip180 Media is always on time, which allows us to make our deadlines.

Devon Johnson

Founder & CEO, BleuLife Media Group, Inc

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