Looking for catalog layout design services?

Searching high and low for cover design ideas, or an engaging catalog layout designer? Flip180 is big on catalog pre-production and we bring over 10 years of combined experience in both layout and surrounding issues like subscriber delivery and marketing.

Trustworthy catalog design expertise

When you work with Flip180 Media’s catalog layout designers (or our catalog content designers), you discover hands-on, caring professionals who care about your periodical’s success and satisfaction. We’re not satisfied with your new catalog design until you are.

We work with offline and online product stores to produce stunning catalogs for:

  • print
  • online
  • and mobile devices!

Designed by industry pros

We use latest best practices with a historical perspective. That means we take in the current technological direction of publishing features with an understanding of the more persisting legacy elements of the offline marketing toolbox. The end result is marketable, trackable engagement. This is all communicated clearly by our team to yours, from conception to hand-off. We provide a design and pre-production experience your business can trust.

Another product catalog layout design from Flip180

A catalog layout design for your need

All of these catalog design categories are all 100% up our alley! We work with select prospective long-term clients to build mutual value and longevity for solutions that stand the test of time. Or maybe you feel there isn’t a publication format that suits your need? Many of our clients are in the industrial fabrication space.

  • fashion and clothing product catalogs
  • jewelry catalogs
  • sporting goods product catalogs
  • industrial tool catalogs
  • B2B product catalogs
  • service brochures
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We'll give you a new perspective. Our ready consultants are happy to discuss your site and your company’s audience and  stakeholder expectations.

Intuitive catalog UX

Your online catalog users expect an intuitive user experience (UX). We build intuitive UX into every online catalog we build. We also offer ways to make sure that every user can find what they’re looking for, even if they don’t know how to say it.

Create the ultimate window shopping and browsing experience for your prospective customers by adding functionality and tools that make it easy to shop and bookmark favorite products!

Interactive product catalog features

1. Dynamic product comparisons allow your visitor to make informed decisions on purchases within minutes, not days or weeks.

2. Product recommendations allow them to view other complementary or competing products related to the one under consideration.

3. Send customers cart updates via email reminders when items are sitting in their carts. Use browser notifications when cart items go on sale!

Browse our catalog design examples and view catalog layout design examples or catalog content design examples. Or feel free to reach out for help!

Engage customers with a mobile-first catalog.
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